Plucky Seven

The New Pornographers play the sounds of summer. Hawaiian shirts optional.

"Actually, I've been thinking about that shirt thing," Newman jumps in, preempting a boring question about his songwriting process. (He prefers not to analyze it too much, which is probably a good thing.) "Maybe we should sell Hawaiian shirts at our shows. Or maybe, better yet, fans could just show up with their own Hawaiian shirts that they want to get rid of, and we could auction them off between songs. People could make back the money they spent on the ticket and have enough left over for a couple beers. It could work. We'd take a cut, of course.

Super band, not a supergroup: The New Pornographers
Super band, not a supergroup: The New Pornographers
Off Broadway

"I don't know, though," he doubles back. "If we did that, people might start thinking we're primarily entrepreneurs. But we're not. We're a band."

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