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Andrew W.K. preaches the gospel of party

If the motivation is pure and the sound is well thought-out, just what are all these songs about? One theory is that the "party" is just a metaphor for the universal gathering, for communal experience and enjoyment on a primal level, at once the lowest and highest common denominator of social gathering. The artist himself says the songs are about "ultimate freedom and encouraging people to do what they want to do." Apparently, whatever the listener gleans from the songs at any given moment is what they're all about.

Coming soon is the new album and manifesto from Andrew W.K., The Wolf, a batch of songs he describes as "unmitigated human victory." However, very little of the new material is being played on the current tour until the record actually comes out. "I don't want it to be like, 'We know something you don't,'" Andrew explains. "If we play a song nobody's had a chance to learn yet, then it separates us from the crowd and ruins the communal aspect."

Of The Wolf, he says, "We've put in so much technical effort to accomplish the mission of melody, to make it glorious and euphoric and just make it feel good inside those who hear it." His desire to play the stuff live is evident, but unfortunately he hits town just before the release of the album, so fans will have to settle for hearing only a couple of new songs. One of those tracks is his latest single "Never Let Down," which is one of the most unabashedly beautiful and motivating songs to hit eardrums in a while. "I wasn't sure I could record this song," Andrew admits. "It felt too big for me. I wasn't sure if I had the ability to do it, but it seems like it turned out all right."

Andrew W.K.: "I don't want to divide people"
Andrew W.K.: "I don't want to divide people"

So what is Andrew W.K., if he's not a party-mad sociopath or a snake oil-peddling huckster? He's just a regular guy involved in something bigger than himself, one of the few people willing to inject pure unbridled passion into everything he does, willing to sweat and bleed for everything he loves and wants to accomplish. He wants people to enjoy whatever they're doing as much as they can, to live and breathe and absorb as much as possible, however they want to, because life is short and the future is not guaranteed. "I'd rather do this than anything else," he says. "This is a long-term thing, and we've only just gotten started. Through consistency, conviction and continuation, we're going to prove it every chance we get."

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