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Week of September 10, 2003

Monday, September 15

In the Andrew Hudgins poem "In the Well," a boy suspended by a rope is lowered into a well by his father: "I could taste/my fear./It tasted first of dark, then earth, then rot...I gagged, and pressed/my neighbor's missing dog/against me. I held its death/and rose up to my father./Then light. Then hands. Then breath." Hudgins, an English professor at Ohio State University, is a powerful poet who ushers in a new season of readings as part of the River Styx at Duff's Series, tonight at 7:30 p.m. (Duff's, 329 North Euclid Avenue, 314-533-4541, $4-$5). River Styx litmag welcomes Hudgins, a poet who does not cloud the page with confusing language. Another poem, 1992's "Praying Drunk," is about exactly what you think it is. Also reading is essayist Robert Stewart.

Tuesday, September 16

Every day is Bob's Day Out, but Friday at Left Bank Books is his night, too
Jennifer Silverberg
Every day is Bob's Day Out, but Friday at Left Bank Books is his night, too

Come join the tribe. You don't need Polynesian tattoos or lip plates to blend in at Tribal Dance & Art, the latest attraction at Don Ericson's Art Coop. Each Tuesday starting tonight (5 p.m.-1 a.m., $5), an ambitious lineup of activities may include: teach-ins, workshops, artists, DJs, bands, poets, dancers, body-painting, yoga, drum circles, singing bowls and nude-figure drawing. That's all well and good, but we're waiting for other primitive fun, like pulling out guests' teeth with only a string and a slamming door, or a contest to see who's got the hairiest back. Head to 1620 Delmar Boulevard (enter from rear, on Lucas Avenue, 314-428-3747, [email protected]).

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