Week of September 10, 2003

Readers also may be interested in visiting the United Nuclear Weapons Worker Web site at www.unww.info.
Daniel W. McKeel, Jr., M.D.
Board member, UNWW
St. Louis

Thanks to Brock: I wish to thank Geri L. Dreiling for an article that 1) is very complete and fills in some gaps in our knowledge of this government cover-up (one of many, I'm afraid to say), and 2) alerts the general public to this example of injustice to hard-working, patriotic citizens.

My wife is the one who suffers from the results of corporate greed and bureaucratic featherbedding. She was struggling through the process, getting nowhere, receiving very little feedback from our Congressman and Senators. Thank God for Denise Brock; my wife has been working with her for some time now, and she has saved us so much time and effort by putting out so much of her time and effort. She is a strong, intelligent person and I hope she can keep it up. Maybe it is time to turn this over to the lawyers. I know I will rethink the way I vote in the coming elections and hope the others involved and their families will do the same.
Joseph G. Stuckenschneider

Won More Time!
During a ceremony at Washington University this past Saturday, the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists announced the winners of its 2003 Excellence in Communications Awards for work of importance to African-Americans in St. Louis. In the print division, among papers with circulations upward of 100,000, Riverfront Times writers were honored in two categories. Staff writer Geri L. Dreiling topped the General News category for her January 8 cover story "Left Behind," about asbestos in a north county neighborhood. And in the Spot News category, staff writer Bruce Rushton was recognized for his April 23 news story "Hell No, They Won't Go," which examined the increasing prevalence of "protest zones" to contain political demonstrators.

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