Week of September 17, 2003

Thanks for the great article and the RFT's great attempts at helping people to see how great cycling is.
Mary Homan
St. Louis

Welcome to America
A reasoned exchange of ideas: I must comment on Rajeev Prasad's letter [August 13] concerning his perception of Western impatience.

If you are not happy with the way we Westerners view life and what we receive happiness from, please feel free to take your Third World ass back to your Third World country and again enjoy cooking your food with a fire made from cow dung. Yummy.
Claude Kurtz

Beer Bust
Ad nauseam: Regarding Geri L. Dreiling's July 23 story "Stick to Mich": I am thrilled to learn someone besides myself is offended by these tasteless images. I live in Creve Coeur with my thirteen-year-old daughter and fifteen-year-old son. I would never subject my children to sexist images of women in our home because I encourage them to develop a wholesome respect for women, women's bodies and sex. So every time we drive the stretch of Olive Boulevard between Lindbergh and Interstate 270, I cringe. I had contacted the City of Creve Coeur when these images where put up to voice my complaint. The reply I received was "Sorry, we have no control over it."

I work very hard to help my children develop wholesome self-images, so I am very angry that public advertising in my community, where I pay taxes, is allowed to thwart my efforts. My kids cannot choose to ignore these images; they have them pushed in their faces day after day. We all know kids are impressionable. When they have an idea repeated to them over and over, they begin to believe it. When I think that this advertising, with its only goal being increased market share, is "protected" by law, it nauseates me. When will we have such laws to protect our children?

I totally support the creator of the stickers. Thanks for caring!
Mary M. Montrey
Creve Coeur

Back to the Airport
Hubless: Surely, in all of the Post-Dispatch editorials there should be the famous words of RCGA honcho Richard C.D. Fleming saying that the main reason that MasterCard decided to stay in St. Louis is because of the expansion of Lambert to provide better air service [Unreal, "Hubbub," July 23].

Now that flights out of Lambert are going to be cut to 207 daily, mainly served by puddle-jumping aircraft, leaving Lambert as a near non-international airport, can any major corporations here be happy?
Rowan Raftery

Off Key
They're not singing along at the Bungalow: In reference to "Karaoke Dokey" in your June 25 issue: Jason Toon was not so "in tune" with his rundown of the events that occurred at Dino's Bungalow in South St. Louis.

Dino passed away some years ago, rest his soul. The establishment has been known as Super's Bungalow for about six years now. The Saturday night referenced in the article was actually a private party. The entertainment for the evening was not karaoke, thus no 60-disc changer or song books. They were friends of the birthday girl, invited, and came through in a huge way with less than a week's notice. And they did pull off several requests that were not part of the original ensemble. Had Toon made one single inquiry, he could have been informed of all these facts. Had he done his homework, he probably would have never shown up, since the Bungalow hasn't put on karaoke for a few months. Is Jason a blind man? I must know, as there were balloons and party signs everywhere -- not to mention the "Super's Bungalow" sign just over the bar right as you walk in the front door.
Karin Olive
St. Louis

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