Best Charity Barbecue

Webster Lions Club

The Webster Lions Club's barbecue concession at the Sappington Farmers' Market is a polished operation. From the custom-built twenty-foot grill-on-wheels to the picnic tables under a tent right down to the mustard self-serve station, this operation radiates professional barbecue-tending. But what keeps folks coming back is the food. The chicken is great with the Lions Club's tangy sauce slathered across it, but try it dry. Trust us -- that's the way to taste the smoked-chicken flavor unadulterated. The ribs are also top-notch, as are the pork steaks, the bratwurst, the potato salad and other sides. All proceeds from your instant picnic support vision-related charities. The Webster Lions are serious about barbecue. That means the months of March through November in St. Louis are that much tastier for the rest of us.