Gone but Not Forgotten

The dark legend of GG Allin still drives the Murder Junkies

"I wish GG had gone out the way he wanted to. For him to die the way he did, it was a letdown. I mean, I didn't want to see my brother kill himself. But it would have been great if he'd gone out killing people in the audience and killing himself, if that's what he wanted to do. It would have been great for getting his message out and making him an underground legend, which he already is.

"That whole day he was doing coke and drinking Jim Beam like crazy. He went from that combination to doing a show that he didn't get to finish, which meant that he had all of this anger and built up energy inside him Then he goes to the extreme of doing heroin that night. And the next day I got the call."

Merle never expected GG to die of a drug overdose. "People had this image of GG as a junkie. That he did a lot of drugs and shit. Now he did a lot of drinking, he was definitely a total drunk. But he didn't do heroin that often."

The Murder Junkies may be available for your wedding or bar mitzvah
The Murder Junkies may be available for your wedding or bar mitzvah

But Merle did expect his brother to die: "People ask me all the time what I think GG would have been today if he hadn't died when he did. I say he'd probably still be dead. He might have lasted another year or two or maybe three. He just went too far."

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