Save Us, Pete!

Signing bands and pleasing fans, Pete Yorn is here for the Lou

While Yorn has been pouring his heart out to fans in the States and in Europe, he has also begun work on a third release. "I've been writing for it and doing some demos for it at my friends' houses just for fun. I love recording. Every time I put a new song down, I get really excited about that. I've just been kind of working on stuff and putting it together slowly." Not only does Yorn get excited about a new song, he says it becomes his favorite song -- it's "like having a new friend."

Pete Yorn: He's prettier than a man ought to be
Jim Wright
Pete Yorn: He's prettier than a man ought to be


Plays with openers Nadine and Minibar

Well, Yorn could have a lot of new friends in St. Louis, but alas, his heart seems to be in California. He does, however, have a fondness for the East's foliage: "Living here now [in LA] I love the East Coast, and when I go back I'm like, 'Look at that oak tree, I love it!' I didn't appreciate [some things] at all when I was living there." While St. Louis isn't the East Coast, we do have oak trees. Lots of 'em. Stay for a while, Pete, you could be just what we need.

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