Silly Humans, Matrix Is for Kids!

Revolutions runs a joyride through a nifty vision of Hell

Is it worth seeing this third and supposedly final chapter? Like you wouldn't. Yeah, there's plenty that's cool about it. A lot fewer handguns, some more cool stunts via fight choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, plus that dank, rainy atmosphere that makes jacking into the Matrix a lot more appealing than, say, shopping in the real world. The finest scenes involve the new Oracle (Mary Alice) and the very Hollywood agent-like Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), adding touching resignation and rage to a movie that's otherwise half cartoon, half rapacious sci-fi feeding frenzy. But for a cyberpunk Tron knockoff in Blade's duds following Omega Man's path to a Hulk-like aura of self-discovery, it's a reasonably enjoyable ride, offering a thoughtful-enough sense of closure.

If you're twelve.

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