Kitty Litter

The Cat in the Hat forms clumps for easy scooping and disposal

Phew, what's that smell? Mike Myers as the titular Cat
Phew, what's that smell? Mike Myers as the titular Cat
Multiple locations

Other items here include an odd Clint Howard cameo, a cutesy little dog and a not-so-cutesy big dawg (Alec Baldwin). In an attempted Shrek cash-in, there's Smash Mouth doing an unforgivable Beatles cover, plus an otherworldly climax that's merely an expensive rip-off of Richard Elfman's cult hit The Forbidden Zone. But for me it all clicked when I noticed -- pardon the name-drop -- Robin Williams sitting a few seats away. No idea what the star of kiddie slop like Hook and Flubber thought of this movie, nor even if he was considered for the role of the Cat. But his presence in the audience, rather than on the screen, revealed that even a stumbling funnyman knows how to sidestep a turd-box.

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