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Week of December 3, 2003

Tuesday, December 9What's a little art looting? The Vatican and the Hermitage are full of looted art, and we've probably got a few things in our own Saint Louis Art Museum that have passed through Nazi hands. Don't forget the ancient art recently looted from Iraqi museums when the bombs started falling. It was no different 3,000 years ago when a Greek army sacked Troy and made off with the "Treasure of Troy," more than 8,000 gold and silver artifacts worth more than $1 billion today. In a "James Bond/Indiana Jones/Dick Tracy thriller involving lost treasures, international intrigue, war booty, covert operations and unsolved murders," according to UM-St. Louis archaeology professor Michael Cosmopoulos, the booty went through Turkey, Germany and a number of other spots before arriving in Russia, where it remains today. The Archaeological Institute of America-St. Louis Society welcomes Cosmopoulos for a free slide talk on "The Gold Treasures of Troy and Other (In)Famous Stories of Art Looting" at 8 p.m. at Forest Park's Saint Louis Art Museum (314-721-0072,

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