Fade to Black

Jay-Z signs off with The Black Album

"If I release 'Song Cry,' I get 500 spins. If I put out 'Big Pimpin',' it's No. 1 for 13 weeks" on popular New York station Hot 97, he says. Of course "Big Pimpin'" is a great pop song, while "Song Cry" is a mediocre love ballad. These are distinctions that Jay-Z doesn't know, or at least pretends not to understand. For him, each record is a gift for the public to consume, a means for him to make money as an entertainer. But it doesn't matter whether we like The Black Album or not. Jay-Z will still believe that he is the consummate rapper, with more hit records than the late Notorious B.I.G.; more lyrical diversity than Tupac; more musical consistency than Nas.

Jay-Z: superstar, millionaire, Beyoncé-dater, moper
Jay-Z: superstar, millionaire, Beyoncé-dater, moper

But who can blame him for his arrogance? After all, Jay-Z is the artist, and we are the audience. Our acceptance or rejection of him doesn't change that. "I don't know," he finally shrugs in response to the journalist's question. "I haven't figured out the world."

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