Love the Gun You're With

Meet one of the minds behind concealed-carry

As the concealed-carry showdown nears, Jeffery has been helping to organize fundraisers to support the bill's legal defense team; up next is a series of "fun shoots" at local ranges.

Though four of the sitting supreme court judges were appointed by anti-gun governors Holden and Mel Carnahan and three by pro-gun John Ashcroft, Jeffery puts his side's odds at a little better than 50-50.

"If you look at who appointed the judges, it would seem that the odds would be against us. But once they're there, they have to make sure that their own human paradigms and prejudices don't get in the way against the rule of the law," he reasons, adding that the Post-Dispatch's anti-gun editorial page has deemed the bill constitutional.

Still, Jeffery has seen license-to-carry bills go down before. If this one doesn't pass muster, he says, "Then it's on to Plans B, C and D."

And if those should fail, he's undoubtedly armed with plans corresponding to the rest of the alphabet.

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