Week of December 17, 2003

KDHX is supposed to be a "community" radio station, not a "clique" radio station. Unfortunately, in a community, you'll meet rude egomaniacs, outright scoundrels, music sellers, bar owners and music critics who think they rule the world. You just ignore them and try to be heard above all the confusion. This is what KDHX is about. This is what makes KDHX one of the most interesting radio stations in the world. Not because we agree on everything. It's because we spasmodically disagree, constantly, in public. (This tends to wear people out, however, as evidenced by all the personalities who aren't with the station anymore.)

Work schedule and changes in personal fortune have prevented me from participating on the radio side of Double Helix. I still help produce two shows on the TV side. As an actor and musician occupying the bottom rung of the St. Louis entertainment scene for over 30 years, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this low-budget universe. I have been a Double Helix volunteer since KDNA. The biggest argument we had in those days was who was going to do the dishes and take out the trash. Now it's a Machiavellian clash of factions vying for control of the salaried positions and air shifts. No one from the early days ever anticipated being this successful. We were just trying to stay on the air.

The only solution I see is involvement. People have to get involved. Double Helix has been off the air for half of its 30-year existence. It's a precious miracle that we're broadcasting at all. Notice I'm saying "we." Because after all the grief, I'm still proud to be, in whatever humble way, a grateful fan of KDHX and a Double Helix volunteer.
Steve Hinson, terminated board member, Double Helix Corporation
St. Louis

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