This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Week of December 31, 2003

Tuesday, January 6

Step onto the artfully polished and cracked concrete floors of the Elliot Smith Gallery and step out into the gorgeous worlds of five talented landscape painters. Jeff Aeling's Thunderstorm, New Mexico depicts clouds above a Southwestern plain. Harold Gregor's Illinois Flatscape #75is an aerial view of a farm compound during the long shadows of the crepuscular hour. Ahzad Bogosian's Last Edge of the Storm is a moody oil-on-wood painting of dark trees in the distance; the curious work measures 5.25 by 24.25 inches. Michael Dubina, who is famous for painting on shaped canvasses with beveled edges, contributes the luminous Daybreak Over Secret Pond. Ken Worley's distinctive paintings of stylized, unnaturally colored trees are actually painted with a stick, Brice Marden-style. Five Artists Explore the Landscape, featuring these works and many more, is on view through January 17 at 4729 McPherson Avenue (314-361-4800, free,

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