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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

17. "I tell you what, riches and things are just not all they're cracked up to be. The more you have, the more stress you have."

a) Rams quarterback Kurt Warner, after being benched.

b) Jim Bakker, who made his triumphant return to television in Branson, Missouri.

Roy Tompkins
Roy Tompkins

c) Murphysburo, Illinois mayor Ron Williams, whose city is losing its major employer, Bemis Printing.

d) St. Louis Board of Education member Rochell Moore.

18. Who said, "You need a deep commitment to the value set that integrates it into culture," at the World Economic Forum's January meeting, which addressed restoring public faith in corporations?
a) Boeing CEO Phillip Condit.

b) Chase Park Plaza developer Bill Stallings.

c) Corporate raider Carl Icahn.

d) Saint Louis University president Lawrence Biondi.

19. "They are like Pepé Le Pew. They're charming and wonderful at heart, but on the whole they stink." The Rev. Bruce McCoy, pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church, issued this statement in regard to:
a) The French.

b) Dreadlocks.

c) A proposed Oakville trash-transfer center.

d) The St. Louis Cardinals.

20. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which St. Louis team was "flattered" when Walter Dean walked out of a halfway house and passed himself off as a member of the squad?
a) The St. Louis Cardinals.

b) The St. Louis Rams.

c) The St. Louis Blues.

d) The Sanford-Brown Indians.

21. Identity thief Elander Mark Lachney was arrested this year for impersonating which St. Louis sports personality?
a) Rams cornerbacker Jarametrius Butler.

b) Blues forward Keith Tkachuk.

c) KMOX radio sportscaster Ron Jacober.

d) Cardinals relief pitcher Jason Isringhausen.

22. Which of the following was a warning issued by Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon's office?
a) If you get a letter congratulating you on winning the Spanish lottery, don't believe it.

b) Lotions that promise to increase your penis size by 75 percent in fact only increase it by 65 percent.

c) Former Liberian president Charles Taylor does not need your help securing his assets from an offshore account.

d) Don't eat the brown acid.

e) All of the above.

Match the indiscretion with the public official:
23. Hazelwood School Board member Robert Berry.

24. Washington Park Mayor Sherman Sorrel.

25. Olivette City Councilman Rick Millner.

26. East St. Louis Police Chief Ronald Matthews.

a) Member of board that voted to award his son, who was the only applicant, the Irvin J. Zeid Community Service Scholarship.

b) Allowing a twenty-year-old woman to drive his city-issued car, convicted of driving with a suspended license.

c) Unauthorized use of city car, convicted of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

d) Convicted of stalking wife, damaging property and resisting arrest.

27. Which high-profile St. Louisan fell victim to car theft in November?
a) Mayor Francis Slay.

b) Building commissioner Ron Smith.

c) Police Chief Joe Mokwa.

d) Mayor Slay's son.

28. How often is a car stolen in St. Louis?
a) Every two minutes.

b) Twice an hour.

c) Every 43 minutes.

d) Every time Police Chief Joe Mokwa blinks.

29. Which is not a symptom of monkeypox, which hit the Midwest this summer?
a) Fever.

b) Rash.

c) Wrinkling nose like a prairie dog.

d) Dizziness.

30. Mizzou basketball player Ricky Clemons entered a guilty plea to what offense?
a) Failing to return his library books in a timely fashion.

b) Jaywalking on the campus of the KU Jayhawks.

c) Third-degree assault and false imprisonment.

d) Traveling.

31. When St. Louis University High School alum Sean Deveraux, 21, grabbed his camera and took pictures in his Columbia apartment after a basketball game in April, what images did he capture?
a) A group of students in a heated debate over the Patriot Act's impact on civil rights.

b) His swanky pad decorated with the latest furniture from House of Denmark.

c) Naked co-eds playing checkers.

d) Iowa State University's head basketball coach Larry Eustachy drinking beer and kissing young women on the cheek.

32. What infraction got a male UMSL student suspended and agitated women across campus?
a) Yelling "You're a water buffalo" to a pregnant woman who pulled into his parking spot in the campus lot.

b) Running naked through grand-opening ceremonies at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center.

c) Sneaking into the women's restroom dressed as a woman, then videotaping women in the next stall with a video camera concealed in a bag on the floor.

d) Crashing a Women's Studies holiday party dressed as Hootie Johnson.

Match the injury with the person:
33. City of St. Louis press secretary Ed Rhode.

34. Mizzou blabbermouth Ricky Clemons.

35. Missouri Governor Bob Holden.

36. Webster University student Gretchen Porro.

a) Minor injuries while driving all-terrain vehicle.

b) Punctured lung playing softball.

c) Lost finger playing at the City Museum.

d) Fractured ribs, a punctured lung and a cut on his chin while driving all-terrain vehicle.

37. Who spoke at three churches the day before school started in the city of St. Louis?
a) Presidential candidate Al Sharpton.

b) Interim superintendent William V. Roberti.

c) School board member Vincent P. Schoemehl Jr.

d) Man about town Beatle Bob.

e) All of the above.

38. What did St. Louis school board member Bill Haas invite interim superintendent William Roberti to do in a tersely worded e-mail?
a) "Go to hell."

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