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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

b) "Kiss my ass."

c) "Take your blood-pressure medicine and retire."

d) "Lick the scum from my Dingo boots."

Roy Tompkins
Roy Tompkins

e) b and c.

f) b and d.

39. Speaking of e-mails, in March St. Louis activist Eric Vickers resigned from his post as the head of the American Muslim Council in part because of an e-mail message he sent. The message:
a) Praised George Bush for his stance on going to war with Iraq.

b) Suggested that the space shuttle Columbia disaster might have been a message from God.

c) Announced he was running for a spot on the St. Louis school board.

d) Disclosed that he was taking a job with Joyce Meyer Ministries.

40. House Majority Whip Roy Blunt was scolded by colleagues after he attempted to sneak a last-minute provision into the bill that created the Department of Homeland Security. The provision, which would have made it harder to sell tobacco over the Internet and would have cracked down on the sale of contraband cigarettes, was removed by House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Who among Blunt's personal relations is not a current or former tobacco lobbyist?
a) Son Matt.

b) Son Andrew.

c) Wife Abigail.

d) Pet pit bull Marlboro.

e) a and d.

f) c and d.

41. Senator Bond fired his communications director, Ernie Blazar, after Bond viewed this Web site Blazar had constructed:
a), featuring the nasty girls of the Democratic Party.

b), a Beltway call-girl service aimed at scoring pillow-talk secrets from horny Dems.

c), after the number on the tail of the plane that crashed in 2000 killing Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan.

d), a site devoted to plots to assassinate Democratic presidential candidates.

42. Why did Madison County Judge Nicholas Byron make national headlines in March?
a) He agreed with claims that Madison County's excessive verdicts were responsible for a number of case filings that had nothing to do with the county or its residents.

b) He said he would no longer accept judicial campaign contributions from plaintiffs' lawyers.

c) He announced that he was stepping down from the bench in order to become in-house counsel for a national railroad.

d) He handed down a $10.1 billion verdict against cigarette makers in a class-action lawsuit that charged the makers of "light" cigarettes engaged in fraud.

43. What did a convicted robber do before a judge in Belleville in hopes of a lighter sentence?
a) Gave her roses.

b) Sang a hymn asking for forgiveness.

c) Got down on his knees and prayed.

d) Flashed his convincing smile -- the same one he used when he robbed Taco Bell twice.

e) All of the above.

44. Which is a new U.S. Forest Service plan to preserve the Mark Twain National Forest?
a) Ban all-terrain vehicles.

b) Open trails to all-terrain vehicles to study their effects on the ecosystem.

c) Ban all animals.

d) Burn the forest down to the ground.

45. What controversial statement did Kurt Warner's wife Brenda make on local radio that made headlines around the nation?
a) "I'm a lesbian."

b) "I'm having an affair with Mike Martz."

c) "We are converting to Islam."

d) "We want to play."

46. How did the Missouri State High School Activities Association discover that Clayton High School quarterback Jairus Byrd was ineligible?
a) Byrd passed out bars of soap from his Earth City hotel to his offensive linemen in front of an MSHSAA official.

b) Ladue High's athletics director reported the infraction.

c) Clayton High called the activities association to inquire about Byrd's eligibility after Ladue coaches raised the issue.

d) A Clayton parent narked on the QB because his "kid is faster than Byrd and never gets to play."

47. In anticipation of Parkway North's appearance at the state high school baseball championships, four Vikings starters prepared in the following way:
a) Stayed home, got a good night's rest and thought long and hard about the glory of America's game.

b) Sacrificed a freshman as an offering to the gods.

c) Rallied around shortstop Tim Clawson, who had lost three limbs at the City Museum the day before.

d) Secured live chickens and put them in a box, then pulled black ski masks over their heads and stormed the school.

48. The river town of Kimmswick, Missouri, aims to raise money for street improvements and sidewalks by:
a) Selling sandbags commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the Flood of '93.

b) Charging archaeologists to hunt for dinosaur bones at Mastodon State Historic Site.

c) Selling 3,000 bottles of donated wine online.

d) Bottling "crazy water" from the fourteen mineral springs in the area.

49. St. Louis guitarist Willie Woods filed a lawsuit claiming he was denied the credit and copyright ownership for what hit song?
a) "Po' Folks" by Nappy Roots.

b) "Air Force Ones" by Nelly.

c) "Right Thurr" by Chingy.

d) "Cowboys Like Us" by George Strait.

50. Boeing's Integrated Defense Systems will invest about $20 million in this new facility in St. Louis:
a) A virtual food pantry.

b) A space station simulator.

c) A virtual war center.

d) An urban combat training area.

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