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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

51. In May the University of Missouri-St. Louis decided against awarding an honorary doctorate to former TWA top executive William F. Compton during the school's summer commencement. What was the school's rationale?
a) "Our records indicated he flunked calculus."

b) "We determined that American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey now owns any doctorate previously earned by Mr. Compton."

c) "Fuck him."

Jennifer Silverberg
Roy Tompkins

d) "The timing wasn't right."

52. What action did East St. Louis Mayor Carl E. Officer vow to take when the clock strikes midnight on December 31?
a) Party like it's 1999.

b) Declare East St. Louis the Topless Bar Capital of the World.

c) Refuse to renew any liquor licenses in the city of sauce.

d) Kiss Dick Clark.

It was a busy year for area prosecutors who handle crimes involving animals. Match the criminal defendant's name with the case that was filed against them:
53. Michael T. Welch.

54. Kathy Hart.

55. Kevin McAfee.

56. Mary C. Mahne.

57. Natalie Peplin-Sobelman.

a) Convicted of killing a horse; facing charges of sexual conduct with a horse (in a separate incident).

b) Acquitted of animal abuse after plucking nearly all the feathers off a cockatiel.

c) Charged with felony animal abuse and misdemeanor animal cruelty after allegedly starving approximately 30 cats, which drove some of them to eat each other.

d) Received probation for killing a dog with a hammer.

e) Owned 49 cats, 3 dogs and 2 ferrets and pleaded guilty to child endangerment after the home the owner also shared with grandchildren was found soiled with animal feces and urine.

58. Why were afternoon drive-time hosts Woody and the Whipping Boy of KPNT-FM (105.7, the Point) pulled off the air by station management?
a) They were nastier than Howard Stern.

b) They were boring.

c) Advertisers determined all their listeners were too stoned to leave the house.

d) Photos from a wet T-shirt contest on the station's Web site were dubbed too racy.

e) All of the above.

59. How did police discover an explicit videotape that included seven teenage boys and girls from St. Peters posing and performing sex acts?
a) One of the girls sent the pictures to a contest at Hustler magazine.

b) A raid on an Internet-based porn business in Florissant turned up the images.

c) One of the boys downloaded a nude digital image onto his cell phone and then tried to sell copies.

d) Everyone was talking about it.

60. Which was not a wedding gift received by Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond?
a) Silver serving pieces from fellow GOP Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and his wife, U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.

b) Silver place settings from Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan.

c) An antique bread board and knife from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee and his wife, Karyn.

d) A carton of Camel Filters from House Majority Whip Roy Blunt and his wife, Abigail.

St. Louis city departments were ordered to slash budgets by 10 percent this year to help offset a $54 million shortfall. Yet four of Mayor Francis Slay's employees received bonuses or raises. Match the employee with the buckage:
61. Executive assistant Robbyn Wahby.

62. Receptionist Dianne White-Clatto.

63. Special assistant Rita Kirkland.

64. Assistant Jennifer Wingo.

a) Received a 10 percent raise, lifting her salary from $75,400 to $82,940.

b) Received a $3,403 bonus.

c) Received a $9,874 bonus.

d) Received a 45 percent raise, resulting in a salary of $54,938 instead of $38,012.

65. A High Ridge man faced fraud charges for allegedly selling $110,000 worth of these on eBay:
a) Counterfeit Applebee's certificates.

b) Stolen pot-bellied pigs.

c) "Unbelievable business opportunities" in Nigeria.

d) Bogus baseball cards signed by Mark McGwire.

66. Which area sexual indiscretion did not occur in 2003?
a) Aaron R. Roberts found guilty of trading Xanax for sex.

b) Nursing home aide James A. Campbell charged with giving oral sex to an unwilling 83-year-old male patient.

c) William Stanton charged with impersonating shoe-store salesman in order to fondle women's feet.

d) Ex-KPNT DJ Michael Cook pleaded guilty of performing sex acts with a thirteen-year-old girl

67. What was in a box bound for Richard Leutheuser's Kirkwood home when the box began leaking at the Maplewood FedEx distribution center?
a) Liquid nitrogen.

b) An exceedingly rare 1893 Bordeaux.

c) A human arm and two legs.

d) Pimp Juice.

68. Which of the following is not a Nelly-owned company?
a) Stitches for Bitches.

b) Pimp Juice.

c) Apple Bottoms.

d) Vokal.

Match the lyric with the St. Louis artist who rapped it:
69. Nelly.

70. Da Hol 9.

71. Chingy.

72. Murphy Lee.

a) "Took a chick in the bathroom seeing what's poppin'/You know what's on my mind/Shirts off and panties dropping."

b) "I like my Booties and my Boobs like a capital letter 'B'/That's how it is, how it better be."

c) "I like the cocky bow legged ones/Like white and Dominicans/Hispanics and Asians."

d) "Givin' me a picture show/Baby girl I got a blistered toe/ But you shakin' that ass, like Mystikal."

73. St. Louis Rapper Pretty Willie Suella this year changed his name to:
a) P. Diddy.

b) P. Dub.

c) Prettier Than Nelly Suella.

d) Dub Puddy.

74. Why did KTVI-TV (Channel 2) reporter Andrew Banker and photographer Lynn Henzel fear for their lives this year?
a) A man who was angry over a story tried to run over them with his car.

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