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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

b) They saw Dick Ford with his shirt off.

c) They discovered their station's share of the market dipped to 10 percent in the November sweeps.

d) "You Paid for It" reporter Elliott Davis started looking at their expense accounts.

Jennifer Silverberg
Roy Tompkins

75. In May Kevin O'Rourke, director of SLU's Center for Health Care Ethics, was quoted as saying: "You got into this ceremony the same way Pontius Pilate got into the Creed. By accident." To whom was he referring?
a) House Majority Whip Roy Blunt.

b) St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan.

c) St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay's PR flack Richard Callow.

d) St. Louis Rams second-string quarterback Kurt Warner.

76. How did police catch a robbery suspect in Des Peres?
a) Her four-inch heel broke and she twisted her ankle while she was running to the getaway car.

b) He spent money lavishly and boasted about his crime to a waitress at a topless club in Sauget.

c) He got stuck in traffic on Interstate 40, then jumped out of his car and ran.

d) He tried to open a money market account at A.G. Edwards with the booty.

77. A University of Missouri study determined that rural Missouri men have lower sperm counts and quality than their counterparts in Minneapolis. The most likely reason is:
a) Pesticides.

b) Radioactive soil.

c) Hicks prefer briefs, northerners prefer boxers.

d) Rural Missourians "aren't real men."

e) All of the above.

78. Who said this about the design for the proposed new Cardinals stadium: "It is a disturbing statement about St. Louis that we are currently looking to the past for concepts which are really ones of style, not true design ideas."
a) Post-Dispatch majority shareholder Emily Pulitzer.

b) Mayor Francis Slay.

c) Former Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire.

d) Mary Engelbreit.

79. Who showed up at the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dogtown wearing a hand-crocheted Tina Turner-style minidress, Calvin Klein underpants and fishnet stockings?
a) St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa.

b) St. Louis County Councilman Charles Dooley.

c) Baton twirler/Ambassador of Mirth Bob Jamerson.

d) Missouri Governor Bob Holden.

80. When the St. Louis Board of Elections declared that it needed $600,000 to buy laptop computers for all 353 voting precincts to comply with a justice department settlement, 13th Ward Alderman Fred Wessels responded:
a) "That sounds good. Do they need any cell phones?"

b) "Given our $54 million shortfall, what's $600,000?"

c) "This is one of the nuttiest ideas I've seen. This is a complete waste of money."

d) "We need some reliable method of tracking how often dead people are voting; plus, free solitaire."

Match the quotes from recorded jailhouse conversations between incarcerated basketball star Ricky Clemons and wives of Mizzou top brass:
81. "Whew! Shoot, taking 'em down, you are. You're gonna take 'em down, you know that, right? You know that? And I am having great pleasure."

82. "They don't want me to tell, so they're trying to get me out of town."

83. "You can't date them girls because they will ruin your [rear end] and hang you out to dry when their daddy gets involved."

a) Carmento Floyd, wife of UM system president Elson S. Floyd.

b) Amy Stewart, wife of Ed Stewart, the school's associate director of athletics for administration.

c) Ricky Clemons, incarcerated Mizzou basketball star.

84. What is the Bolozone?
a) Swank new Festus country-and-western bar where transvestite Dieta Pepsi was accosted.

b) Recently unveiled City Museum attraction that insurers won't underwrite.

c) Collective housing project raided by city police during the World Agricultural Forum.

d) Layer of the atmosphere that Washington University researchers suggest is being depleted owing to air pollution.

85. More than 60 folk musicians and ethnic dancers who thought they were performing at a Eurofest 2003 celebration were surprised when they discovered the event actually was:
a) A white-power recruitment rally.

b) An Americans for the French Way of Life assembly.

c) A Slow Food movement Christmas baking party.

d) Auditions for the Sizzling Girls of Slovakia HBO reality show.

86. What did St. Louis Alderman Dan Kirner want to ban in St. Louis?
a) The extensive use of public relations consultants by the mayor's office.

b) The use of smokehouses by immigrants.

c) Amateur boxers who refuse to wear protective cups.

d) Trash cans that double as urinals in city hall.

Racially charged incidents played a part in the firing or resignation of several people this year. Match the name with the incident:
87. St. Louis Drug Court commissioner Jane Geiler.

88. St. Louis District public defender Kent Hall.

89. Radio traffic reporter Joe Sonderman.

a) Fired a month after employer settled racial harassment suit.

b) Resigned after referring to a black prosecutor as "niggardly."

c) Resigned after telling a racist joke over lunch.

90. According to a letter from two union reps to presidential candidate Dick Gephardt, what was an "unconscionable and outrageous act?"
a) Michael Bolton's performance at a Gephardt benefit concert at America's Center.

b) Gephardt's decision to skip the November 4 "Rock the Vote" forum in Boston, sponsored by MTV and CNN.

c) Aide Joyce Aboussie's threat against unions for supporting Howard Dean.

d) Missing 90 percent of his votes on Capitol Hill since announcing his candidacy.

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