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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

91. How long did it take a St. Louis county jury to acquit Republican congressional challenger Bill Federer of assaulting a Gephardt student intern?
a) 35 minutes.

b) 10 minutes.

c) 2 hours.

Jennifer Silverberg
Roy Tompkins

d) 6 hours.

92. What did a St. Louis County jury do after it heard the case of Geremie Huff, a woman who blamed her depression on a bad haircut and color from the Elizabeth Arden salon at Saks Fifth Avenue in Plaza Frontenac?
a) They handed down a $25,000 award for the mental and emotional anguish Huff suffered.

b) They laughed Huff out of court and returned a verdict for the hair salon.

c) They awarded Huff $6,000.

d) They called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and pleaded with the show's producers to give Huff a makeover even though it only caters to men.

93. "An inconvenience? No. It's like living in a refugee camp. We're being held hostage. You can't do anything." Of what does St. Louis resident Andrea Dunlop speak?
a) Her new Washington Avenue loft.

b) Her forced relocation to Collinsville, Illinois.

c) Her home in the path of airport expansion.

d) Her recent relocation from San Francisco.

94. What image did the University of Missouri airbrush out of its media guide?
a) Quin Snyder having a rare bad-hair day.

b) Ricky Clemons celebrating during the basketball team's home victory over Colorado.

c) Clemons' former girlfriend, Jessica Bunge, cheering from the stands.

d) Snyder and Clemons skipping through the Columbia mall, arm in arm, celebrating their "awesome scores" at the Dillard's one-day sale.

95. Who uttered the following sentences: "Thank God, whatever happens, I'm still breathing. I didn't get a scratch. I'm OK with that."
a) Taxi driver Mohammed Sheikh, who discovered that he was the unwitting getaway driver during a bank robbery in Town and Country.

b) The girlfriend of Thomas A. McDonough of south St. Louis County, who attacked her with a sword after shooting cocaine.

c) Mayor Francis Slay, after a meeting with school board member Rochell Moore.

d) Ricky Clemons, on his release from jail.

96. In the 1950s, Dick Boushka was a SLU basketball star, and in 1956 he helped the U.S. Olympic team win a gold medal in basketball. Why was he back in the headlines in 2003?
a) He announced that he'd been hired as the agent for basketball wunderkind Sheila Bronson.

b) He announced that he was trying to lure a professional basketball team to St. Louis.

c) He pleaded guilty to defrauding a bank of more than $17 million.

d) His grandson agreed to play basketball for the Billikens.

97. Who or what is the Ozark Hellbender?
a) A salamander that just made the Missouri Department of Conservation's list of endangered species.

b) Our area's contribution to the great sport of professional wrestling.

c) A potent new brand of crystal meth.

d) Janet Ashcroft's nickname for her husband John.

98. What job description did Ballwin resident Brian D. Westby give to the police during an interview?
a) Self-employed porn Web master.

b) Drug czar of West County.

c) King of carpet.

d) Pimp.

99. The St. Louis Airport Authority, the governing body for Lambert Field, on June 12 approved spending nearly $1.2 million over the next three years on:
a) Wining and dining Southwest Airlines executives, the airport's last best hope.

b) Carpet cleaning.

c) Hiring a detective agency in hopes of discrediting the board of directors of American Airlines.

d) Hiring a public relations company to justify the continued need for airport expansion.

100. What happened when Amelia Hernandez slipped some rum onto her flight from New York to Dallas to "calm her nerves?"
a) She started singing and swearing at passengers and the crew.

b) The plane made an unscheduled landing in St. Louis to boot her off.

c) She thumped a Lambert cop in the head and kicked out the window of his squad car.

d) All of the above.

101. A Wood River man was accused of driving home drunk and pleaded guilty to reckless conduct. What was he driving at the time of the incident?
a) An army tank.

b) A lawnmower.

c) A motorized shopping cart.

d) An electric wheelchair.

102. What is Easy Returns, Inc.?
a) A Clayton-based brokerage highlighted in Fortune magazine as one of the firms to watch in 2004; its major investor is Charter Communications CEO Paul Allen.

b) A St. Charles drug-distribution company under criminal investigation for its "lax procedures" for handling controlled substances, after one employee died of an apparent drug overdose and another was convicted of dealing drugs.

c) A Web-based tax return start-up that was convicted of offering to print fraudulent expense receipts on demand and guaranteed a $1,000 tax-return check.

d) The shell company for a south county prostitution ring that offered as one of its services a Joyce Aboussie-impersonating dominatrix.

103. At a press conference in May, St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa displayed items seized from a local activist group that was organizing to protest the World Agricultural Forum. "We are very concerned," the chief said. What was on display?
a) Uzis, grenade launchers and a copy of the Koran.

b) A Pyro Products, Inc. brochure.

c) Whips, nails, a bag of rocks.

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