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The year in review: A quiz (For answers, see last page)

d) The minutes of the July 15 school board meeting.

104. Why did 750 doctors gather in the state capitol rotunda for "White Coat Day" in January?
a) It was Take Your Doctor to Work day.

b) They were preparing to pose nude for a Spencer Tunick photo project.

Jennifer Silverberg
Roy Tompkins

c) They were lobbying for tort-reform legislation.

d) They were protesting proposed budget cuts in a Medicare program for kids.

Match the animal with the achievement:
105. Quintin.

106. Joanna.

107. Mongo.

108. Koko.

a) The St. Louis Zoo's late, lamented Komodo dragon, who passed away this year at the age of ten.

b) The miracle dog that survived the Humane Society's gas chamber.

c) The steer that was disqualified at the Illinois State Fair after a test revealed the presence of a banned substance.

d) The fugitive Asian water monitor recently on the loose in Benton, Illinois.

109. A local stable faced a discrimination complaint after its owner turned down two would-be trail riders because they were:
a) Teenagers.

b) Not wearing appropriate western attire.

c) Drunk.

d) Legally blind.

e) All of the above.

110. Which school board fired teacher Jendra Loeffelman after she condemned interracial marriage?
a) City of St. Louis.

b) Clayton.

c) New City School.

d) Crystal City.

111. What happened after Rep. Dick Gephardt blasted South Carolina's decision to continue flying the Confederate flag?
a) The ACLU defended the state's right to fly the flag.

b) Students at Bob Jones University ransacked the Gephardt for President office in Greenville.

c) The state of Missouri removed its Confederate flags from two of its Civil War sites.

d) Attorney General John Ashcroft denounced Gephardt's statements as an attack on the civil rights of Southerners.

112. Gossip gadfly Jerry Berger and his column in the Post-Dispatch had their ups and downs this year. Which item listed below didn't happen?
a) The column was moved from A2 to the second page of the Metro section.

b) Public relations svengali Richard Callow's name appeared as the column's co-author.

c) Post-Dispatch writer Deb Peterson debuted as Berger's sidekick, "The Diva of Dish."

d) A correction ran after the columnist wrote that four dead people attended a reception for Great Britain's Prince Andrew.

113. "Before, I felt the responsibility lay solely on one person. Now I'm beginning to think that the organization bears some responsibility." Who said this, and about whom was it said?
a) Tony La Russa, about now-Atlanta Braves outfielder J.D. Drew, after Drew failed to live up to his potential this season.

b) William Roberti, after taking the reins as the interim superintendent of St. Louis schools, about school board member Vince Schoemehl.

c) Richard Gephardt, attempting to defend campaign adviser Joyce Aboussie after her threats of retaliation against unions backing rival Howard Dean.

d) Madison County Sheriff Robert Hertz, after two prisoners in two weeks were unintentionally released.

114. "Charging $1,000 for a casket -- talk about taking advantage of the grieving," said owner Paul Kinsella. What is his company?
a), a service that directs a client's message to a loved one to a terminally ill volunteer "messenger" who memorizes it and promises to attempt to deliver it in the afterlife.

b) The Crematorium Emporium, which offers creative disposal of loved ones, including feeding remains to Mississippi catfish.

c) The nonprofit Missouri Association for the Grieving, a newly created watchdog group to oversee the funeral industry.

d) The Casket Basket, a new cut-rate coffin company that celebrated the opening of its headquarters in the downtown St. Louis loft district with a ribbon cutting by Mayor Francis Slay.

115. Emanuel Fleming of Cahokia, Illinois, got an appendage stuck in the coin return of a pay phone. Paramedics had to cut the phone from its moorings and take it, with Fleming attached, to the hospital, where doctors were able to disengage his:
a) Tongue.

b) Thumb.

c) Right middle finger.

d) Penis.

1. c. 2. d. 3. e. 4. c. 5. c. 6. a. 7. a. 8. b. 9. b. 10. b. 11. d. 12. a. 13. c. 14. d. 15. c. 16. a. 17. b. 18. a. 19. c. 20. b. 21. b. 22. a. 23. d. 24. c. 25. a. 26. b. 27. d. 28. c. 29. c. 30. c. 31. d. 32. c. 33. b. 34. d. 35. a. 36. c. 37. b. 38. e. 39. b. 40. e. 41. c. 42. d. 43. b. 44. b. 45. d. 46. c. 47. d. 48. c. 49. a. 50. c. 51. d. 52. c. 53. d. 54. b. 55. a. 56. e. 57. c. 58. d. 59. c. 60. d. 61. c. 62. b. 63. a. 64. d. 65. a. 66. c. 67. c. 68. a. 69. c. 70. d. 71. a. 72. b. 73. b. 74. a. 75. b. 76. b. 77. a. 78. a. 79. c. 80. c. 81. b. 82. c. 83. a. 84. c. 85. a. 86. b. 87. b. 88. c. 89. a. 90. c. 91. a. 92. c. 93. c. 94. b. 95. a. 96. c. 97. a. 98. a. 99. b. 100. d. 101. c. 102. b. 103. c. 104. c. 105. b. 106. d. 107. c. 108. a. 109. d. 110. d. 111. c. 112. b. 113. d. 114. a. 115. c.

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