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Week of January 7, 2004

Monday, January 12

Moral turpitude, like the weather, is often talked about, but no one ever seems to do anything about it. Sane people agree that programs named Who Wants to Marry Anyone? or When Animals Get Even are as dangerous to the fabric of our society as the works of Pat Boone, but is there a more intelligent entertainment alternative? Why, it turns out there is. At 7 p.m. on the second Monday of the month, the Ethical Society of St. Louis (9001 Clayton Road, 314-991-0955) holds a Current Events Salon where issues of ethical importance are freely discussed and mulled over by interested parties. The salon is free to the public (but call ahead to register), and you need bring nothing more than a news clipping that you feel has moral implications. Reading? Conversation? Respectful exchanges of ideas and viewpoints by a group of equals? Moral turpitude doesn't stand a chance.

Tuesday, January 13

Sand in the cracks: naked hippies in The Same River Twice, opening Friday at the Tivoli
Robb Moss
Sand in the cracks: naked hippies in The Same River Twice, opening Friday at the Tivoli

Good news for the aging hipster: Duct-tape wallets are making a comeback! Back when the Beastie Boys made albums, their sometime collaborator Money Mark Nishita wrote a "How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet" article for the Beasties' Grand Royal magazine. The gray billfolds were popular for about three weeks, and then the chain wallet appeared. But now, thanks to the Prairie Commons Branch of the St. Louis County Library (915 Utz Lane, free, but call 314-895-1023 to register) and its 7 p.m. Need a Wallet? We've Got the Tape class, kids age nine and older can make their own retro-fashionable duct-tape wallets. Imagine the looks young Gunther will receive when he whips out that shiny tri-fold the next time he reaches for his Diner's Club card. They're waterproof, cruelty-free, and you can monogram 'em with a Sharpie. That's style, baby, and it's dirt cheap, too. Money Mark would be proud.

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