Week of February 4, 2004

Even more ridiculous than the usual letters-section crap! I have read some unbelievably dumb feedback in the Riverfront Times, but Frank Weltner has actually taken the grand prize (by far) for being the most ridiculous load of crap I have ever read.

Weltner stated: "The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, a well-known association with many Zionists, Bolsheviks and Jewish Mafia characters...is a dastardly anti-Christian hate group." I didn't know there were Bolsheviks anymore! If there are still Bolsheviks, what are they doing in bed with Zionists and the so-called Jewish Mob?

Moreover, Weltner cited "the Jewish role in killing 65 million Christians in the Jewish-controlled Soviet Union.... Jewish blood relatives did indeed start communism and run the Christian-killing apparatus of the Soviet Union."

Huh? Yes, Stalin and others murdered quite a few Russians, including many Christians as well as Jews like Leon Trotsky and others. However, most of the ethnic minorities Solzhenitsyn described in The Gulag Archipelago were non-Christians, such as Central Asians and/or secular political opponents.

I could go on and on, but I think I'm going to fix myself a vodka-tonic instead. One more thing, Frank -- you might want to stop palming your meds; it makes you appear to be a paranoid schizophrenic rather than just a total dumb redneck.

Don't like the real truth, eh? Come fight me in person if you get out of your institution anytime soon. Maybe I will have a few of my Jewish friends over to watch me embarrass your white-trash ass!
Dexter Zaring
St. Louis

Who said we were "reputable"? Frank Weltner's anti-Semitic tirade takes the cake. Who let him off the Aryan Nation compound? The ADL an anti-Christian Zionist hate group? Mr. Weltner, I am an evangelical Christian who is a third-generation Zionist. Does that make me anti-Christian too?

Mr. Weltner has a definite lack in the history department. Yes, there were Jews involved in the development of communism, but there were more non-Jews involved. Regarding the killing of "innocent" Arabs in Israel: Very few have been "innocent." Israel only targets terrorists, versus the Hamas and its ilk who specifically target innocent Israeli civilians. Also, as I recall, AOL's largest stockholder is an Arab.

Why would a "reputable" paper allow such hate speech to be printed? Gosh, for a follow-up to Mr. Weltner, you might want to include a few articles from the Nazi Der Stuermer. This is one of the worst cases of racism I've seen, short of the Aryan Nation and Christian Identity Web sites. Mr.Weltner is a very dangerous man!
Monica McMillen
Fort Worth, Texas

Joseph Marchbein answers his own question: It is incredible that in 2004 there is a person such as Mr. Weltner who thinks the ADL is a "dastardly anti-Christian hate group," has members who are Bolsheviks and "is an assassination agency," and who believes that the Jewish people had a role in killing 65 million Christians in the Jewish-controlled Soviet Union, etc. His list of alleged Jewish atrocities is so full of lies and falsehoods that they would be laughable, if not for the hatred and plain stupidity and ignorance shown by the comments.

The distortions of Mr. Weltner show why the ADL is needed. Why would you print such rubbish? What is the point?
Joseph Marchbein
St. Louis

Of Bleating and Mongering
And now, back to Holt and Baum: I'm tired of the bleating and mongering against groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) [Letters, January 14]. They have as much right to speak on behalf of white people as blacks have a right to speak on their behalf. In fact, whites have a right to speak on their behalf. Period. Karen Aroesty speaks of "defamation." What can be any more defamatory than some of the talk I've heard blacks say against whites? And when you get into real secret black conversations, you hear words like "kill," "overthrow," "tear down," "destroy." But the news media have become so blinded by the black tyranny that they sacrifice society at large and throw women and children in to boot, to save their own sorry ass. We are not just dumbing down but "tearing down" our society, and we are doing it with a smile; or, fear.

How many blacks would allow Jules Summerville-type humor against blacks as the Riverfront Times allows against whites [Unreal, "Shine On You Crazy Comedian," January 14]? If a white person were to taunt blacks as Summerville has whites, they'd find a lawsuit at their doorstep, if not a victim of arson or worse.

A man told the South City Journal about his son and two girls: Two black thugs threatened them [with] death and stole all their possessions. The thugs told police they target whites and Asians because "they would be unarmed and more shocked by the violence....." They said they would never rob blacks. Talk about hate crimes, racial profiling -- a hidden agenda!

Gordon Lee Baum has every right to speak out about crime statistics, who is involved, why and what he feels should be done about it. Our "great society" is being destroyed from "within," and we have become a nation of sheep.
Steve Erdmann Sr.
St. Louis

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