Look for local knockout Katina Mitchell at the newsstand (and up on roofs); plus, we're feeling the Joe-mentum and want to see how John Edwards measures up, and Sanford-Brown coach John Campbell gets the kudos he deserves

That might be because Lieberman has no organization in Missouri. In fact, Sameera Ali, his Show-Me State organizer, works out of Arlington, Virginia, and conceded that the senator "is not scheduled to go to Missouri right now, and we don't have any staff down there. That's Gephardt land."

Fair enough, Unreal replied, but Gephardt's out of the picture now.

"I understand that, but we've just targeted a few states," countered Ali. Then she perked up: "You can always throw a Joe party!"

Katina Mitchell
Jennifer Silverberg
Katina Mitchell
Looking up: A vertically challenged John Edwards consults his itinerary.
Jennifer Silverberg
Looking up: A vertically challenged John Edwards consults his itinerary.

One state the Lieberman campaign has purportedly targeted is Illinois. But when Unreal dialed up Lieberman's Chicago office late last week, an answering machine informed us that "today is Sunday, January 11, and we'll be out of the office all day."

Still on a high from last week's endorsements of homies Dick Gephardt and Blake "Don't Call Me Millionaire" Ashby, Unreal has resolved to keep the Joe-mentum alive as best we can. So we're endorsing Lieberman in primaries held in three U.S. territories.

As Howard Dean would say, "Joe-mentum's going to Guam! Joe-mentum's going to American Samoa! Joe-mentum's going to the Virgin Islands!"

A Season on the Brink

Coach John Campbell's Sanford-Brown squad split a pair en route to finishing third in this past weekend's Concordia Seminary tournament. Next up for the 7-10 Indians: a tilt against Concordia this Saturday, February 7, at 7 p.m. at the seminary's Eldon E. Pederson Fieldhouse. Campbell, who was the opposing coach in the first game ever played in that edifice in 1949, will be honored during a ceremony at the game.

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