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Food, ambiance, service: Everything adds up at Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Lighter -- or bistro -- fare is available, including: a sirloin burger; a prosciutto, asiago and arugula club; those buttermilk-fried oysters made into a sandwich; and a very unusual and tasty "BLT" composed of chunks of Maine lobster, sautéed bourbon apples and a thyme rémoulade. All bistro dishes come with your choice of slaw, truffled potato salad or house-made fries.

Service was efficient, focused and not effusive. Our server explained the menu as if she'd written it herself and knew the extensive wine list (constructed by wine director Scott Gaghan) in depth. Speaking of that list, a whopping 35 wines are available by the glass (priced from $5 to $9), while the entire five-page roster comprises a huge range of Tuscan and Californian wines, along with a few Australian, Spanish, South African, French and Oregon selections for good measure. Such a large array offers diners the opportunity to experiment with different wines from the same region. Most bottles are priced between $20 and $36. Additionally, the list contains thirteen dessert wines and ports. But why, I had to wonder, would Eleven Eleven Mississippi offer a white zinfandel -- and nestled in among the (red) zinfandels, no less? It's a surprising gaffe on an otherwise well-rounded list the owners say is specifically selected to go with their food. If you want to go blush, why not just offer a true rosé?

Industrial meets rustic in Lafayette Square's newest dining destination.
Jennifer Silverberg
Industrial meets rustic in Lafayette Square's newest dining destination.

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Eleven Eleven Mississippi

1111 Mississippi Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: St. Louis - Lafayette Square


Wild boar ravioli $7.50
Braised rabbit $7.95
Eleven Eleven "BLT" $11.11
Pork tenderloin with cider syrup $14.95
Seared duck breast $18.95
Dessert sampler $8.95

314-241-9999. Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon.-Thu.; 11 a.m.-midnight Fri.; 5 p.m.-midnight Sat.

1111 Mississippi Avenue

While munching on our dessert sampler plate (poached pear, gooey butter cake and crème custard napoleon -- all excellent), we marveled at how packed the place was at 11 p.m. Granted, it was a Friday night and young urbanites filled the bar and upstairs lounge. But to have a restaurant serving full meals till midnight is a welcome advance in this early-to-bed town. Were I actually in my private lodge after a day's hunting, I'd be exhausted by now. At Eleven Eleven Mississippi I can order gooey butter cake (which comes with an "ice-cold glass of milk") and go home and not worry about cleaning my gun.

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