This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Week of March 3, 2004

Tuesday, March 9Despite the mohawk and the combat boots and the six-inch eyebolt you've screwed into your jawbone, you, too, suffer from burnout. How many times can you listen to that same Dead Boys album before you lose your mind? Don't let it happen; the secret is balance. Every once in a while, you have to sneak off and listen to music with more than just three chords and snot holding it together. The Jeff Lash Trio performs at Riddle's Penultimate Café and Wine Bar (6307 Delmar Boulevard, 314-725-6985) semi-regularly, and these folks have the cure for the melody-hungry man. Lash's vibraphone is a chiming beast, a whispery bell and a rolling ocean of cool, all at the same time. Or maybe that was the double Jameson's. Regardless, Lash's trio swings in a way that soothes the most savage punk breast. Enjoy it for free around 8 p.m., and if your friends ask where you were, tell 'em you were all huffing glue and they just don't remember.

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