Do Right, All Night

All Night Radio transcribes the sun's music so you don't have to

For all of its disparate influences, this record has a remarkable coherence; if all borders are taken down, nothing seems out of place. It sounds like a time warp, a lovingly re-created time in pop history when hippie idealism meshed with advanced recording techniques. But, as disciples of the Stereo Spirit, All Night Radio did not set out to pay homage to any one sound or style.

"There wasn't any more conscious classification of era, but you'd like to have a well-rounded whole, so that would instigate the need for variety. We would hope that this is a well-rounded program," says Scher.

Which raises the question: Can we tune into this Spirit Stereo Frequency, or does it only broadcast over the sunniest parts of California? Scher enthusiastically says that the frequency is open to all ears. "It will have a bit of context reflected into stylistic choices. If we could sit you down in a studio lab, you'd have different influences, but you'd still have the Spirit Stereo."

Hey, kids -- All Night Radio may be cool, but playing 
with electricity isn't!
Brian Tamborello
Hey, kids -- All Night Radio may be cool, but playing with electricity isn't!


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Hearing the suggestion that Scher and Hey open up this kind of "sound boutique," Scher comments that, while intriguing, it would be prohibitively expensive. He also warns that results may differ from user to user. "The signal content will vary on who listens, your context, what your condition is that morning." So if you just heard John Waite's "Missing You" three times in a row, your output might sound an awful lot like John Waite. While both Scher and Hey have moved from band to band over the past few years, it looks like All Night Radio holds the most promise and excitement, and Scher says he and Hey don't have any plans to rejoin their old acts. "The Beachwood Sparks is probably going to continue without us as well. Everything is well, but we are not participating in any of those groups."

As for the future, All Night Radio will tour in support of the new record, picking up fans and Spirit Stereo transmissions along the way. "The plans are just to start touring, around the Western world at least, and accumulate our new ideas and make a new record," says Scher. "We're going to develop our sound and have the freedom to explore. [We want] to try to harness and translate the forces of nature."

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