Sounds Around Town

Week of March 31, 2004

Mach 7: Jacques Sports Bar, Sat.

Leslie Maclean Trio: JaBoni's Bistro, Fri. and Sat.

Mad Maynard & Jackie McCoy: Generations, Wed. and Sun.

Madahoochi: Cicero's, Mon.

Janiva Magness Blues Band: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Wed.

Malcome Blitz: House of Rock, Fri.; That One Place, Sat.

Jim Manley & Mark Friedricks: Jimmy's Café on the Park, Sun.

Mark, Sara & PJ: Tangerine, Fri.

Rich McDonough & Friends Jam: Beale on Broadway, Wed.

Matt McGaughey & Jim Butz: Melting Pot, Fri. and Sat.

Dave McKee: Nino's Ristorante, Wed., Fri. and Sat.

Scott McMurray & Steve-O: Rue 13, Sat.

Megamix: Club La Onda, Fri.

Metro: C.J. Muggs, Fri.

Marion Miller & Eddie Eaton: Harry's West, Wed.

Mirage: K.T.'s Smokehouse, Sat.

Mississippi River Celtic Musical Festival: Focal Point, Fri.-Sun.

Jane Monheit: Jazz at the Bistro, Wed.-Sat.

Tim Moody: Candicci's, Sun.

Moore Pleasure: Laurie's Place, Wed. and Sat.; Vanzo's, Thu.; Towne Lounge, Fri.

Moore Pleasure Jam Session: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Music Extravaganza: Billy Goat, Fri.

Musica Nortena: Club La Onda, Sat.

Musiq: Pageant, Wed.

Mylo: Cicero's, Thu.

Nasty Nino: G-Spot, Fri. and Sat.

Melissa Neels Band: Beale on Broadway, Sat.

Nepol/Deeperpitch: Upstairs Lounge, Fri.

New Music Spotlight: Pageant, Sat.

Scott Nienhaus & Karen Crawford: Airliner Restaurant & Lounge, Thu.; Decades, Fri.

Night Sky Band: Night Sky, Wed.-Sat.

Nite Owls: Charlack Pub, Fri. and Sat.

John Norment Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Café & Wine Bar, Sun.

O'Neil: African Palace, Fri.

Oliver: Hide-Away Lounge, Thu.

Open Mic: Crossings Taverne & Grille, Wed.; Shot Heaven, Wed.; Stagger Inn...Again, Wed. and Sun.; Cummel's Café, Thu.; Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.; Cicero's, Sun.; Cadillac Jack's, Sun.; Red Sea, Mon.; Mangia Italiano, Mon.; Venice Café, Mon.; Shanti, Tue.; That One Place, Tue.

Johnny Orr: Oz, Sun.

Paint the Earth: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Fri. and Sat.

Pantera/Slayer Tribute: House of Rock, Mon.

Park Avenue Jazz: Hammerstone's, Wed.

Park Avenue Trio: Three-1-Three, Mon.

Bill Park: Candicci's, Sat.

Steve Pecaro Band: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Sat.

Pennsylvania Slim Blues: Café Eau, Fri.; BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sat.

George Persha: Candicci's, Thu.

Phins: Jimmy Buffet Tribute: Harry's West, Sat.

Leroy Pierson: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Fri. and Sun.

Pitchfork & Sweet Sally & the Hot Corn Boys: Dressel's Pub, Fri.

Polarized Mind: Frederick's Music Lounge, Wed.

Dan Potthast: Frederick's Music Lounge, Sat.

Queen for a Day: Queen Tribute: Pop's, Sat.

R.I.P.: Partner's Lounge, Sat.

R.S.B.: Viva!, Wed.

Eddie Randle Trio: PJ's Martini & Wine Bar, Sat.

Ranx & Dubtronix Reggae: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sun.

Reece: Oz, Wed.-Sun.

Steve Refsland & Mike D.: Pepper Lounge, Thu.

Rhythm Rockers: The Phoenix, Wed.; JackSons', Thu.

Ron Richard: Lagniappe's, Sat.

River City Blues: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Sun.

RJ: Tangerine, Mon.

Robbie G. & Mike Buehrle: Velvet, Fri.

Will Robertson: Cummel's Café, Fri.

Robitaille: Lo, Mon.

Georgy Rock: Southern Belle Supper Club, Sat.; Brandt's, Mon.

Rockin' Horse: Wild Country, Fri. and Sat.

Rolltry: One Night Stand, Fri.

Rondo's Blues Deluxe: Hammerstone's, Thu.; Missouri Bar & Grill, Sat.

Anita Rosamond & Beno: Failoni's, Thu.

Rum Boogie: Laurie's Place, Sun.; Cleo's, Tue.

James Russell: Morganford Blues Bar, Sun.

Sable: Rusty's, Sat.; Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, Sat. and Sun.

Sac Lunch: Off Broadway, Thu.

Oliver Sain's Revue: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu.

Salsarengue: Viva!, Thu.

Sayers: Mangia Italiano, Sat.

Mike Schlipp: Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar, Thu.

The Schwag: Cicero's, Tue.

Tim Scott: Cheshire Pub, Wed. and Sun.; Lagniappe's, Fri.

Scrill: G-Spot, Sat.

Seconds: Cadillac Jack's, Sat.

Secret Cajun Band: Cicero's, Sat.

Sensations: O'Brien's Food & Drink, Fri.

Ses Aleph & Shan-Shan/Flex Boogie & Cougar Shuttle: Upstairs Lounge, Sat.

Sessions Jazz Big Band: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Mon.

Bobby Shew Big Band: Generations, Mon.

Sir Thurl: Living Room, Fri.

Sit & Spin: Halo Bar, Sun.

Skyline: JackSons', Sat.

Skywest Trio: Jimmy's Café on the Park, Fri. and Sat.

Bennie Smith & Urban Blues Express: Venice Café, Wed.; Broadway Oyster Bar, Thu.

Michael Smith: Focal Point, Fri.

So Many Dynamos: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, Sun.

Soul Reunion: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Thu. and Sat.

Soulard Blues: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Fri.; Broadway Oyster Bar, Mon. and Sat. Sportsmen: C.J. Muggs, Sat. Dan Sproat: Concord Grill, Thu.

Stage Fright & Leading Horse: Halo Bar, Tue.

Stan Da Man: Oz, Sat.

George Stancell: Galaxy Room/President Casino, Fri. and Sat.

Steve: Harry's West, Thu.

Dave Stone Trio: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Thu.; Mangia Italiano, Fri.

Marcell Strong & the Apostles: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Wed.; Stagger Inn...Again, Fri.

Sub Seven: The Phoenix, Sat.

Sugar's Daddys: Shot Heaven, Thu.

David Surkamp & Mike Safron: Smitty's, Fri.

Sweet Spot: Pepper Lounge, Wed.

Switchfoot: Pageant, Tue.

Gary Sykes Group: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sat.

Jon Thomas & Friends: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Fri.

Todd Thomas: Maggie O'Brien's, Wed.

Thunder Guppies: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Thu.

Trebor Tichenor & the St. Louis Ragtimers: Sheldon Concert Hall, Sat.

Ticket to the Beatles: JP's Corner Bar, Fri.; Smitty's, Sat.

Tight Phantomz: Rocket Bar, Fri.

Trixie Delight: House of Rock, Sat.

Troops: Studio Café, Fri.

Troubadores of Divine Bliss: Shanti, Fri.; Stagger Inn...Again, Sat.

Bill Tucker Ensemble: Tiffany Rose, nightly; Pierre's, Fri. and Sat.

Uncle Albert: Hammerstone's, Fri.

Uncle Jed: Shanti, Thu.

Unexpected: PJ's Martini & Wine Bar, Fri.

Ununbiun, Visual & Deadroot: Pop's, Fri.

Jim Utz: Tangerine, Wed.

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