Sounds Around Town

Week of March 31, 2004

Vintage Vinyl Record Spin: Halo Bar, Thu.

Tony Viviano: Bubble Room, Wed.; Tony Marino's Steaks & Chops, Fri.; Smith & Slay's Restaurant & Bon Bar, Sat.

Voodoo Blues: Hammerstone's, Sun.

Watch It Burn & Buck Carter: Frederick's Music Lounge, Tue.

Well Hungarians: House of Rock, Wed.

Cheryl Wheeler: Generations, Thu.

Ernie White: Candicci's, Wed. and Fri.

Wild Blue: Trainwreck on the Landing, Fri.

Ptah Williams Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Café & Wine Bar, Wed.

Without a Trace: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Fri.

Perry Woods: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Wed.

X-Plorer: Halo Bar, Sat.

Zydeco Crawdaddies: Broadway Oyster Bar, Fri.

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