Bush Strikes Out

Our commander in chief takes to the mound, Missouri gets its very own dinosaur, an Old Kid on the Block remembers when he was New, and Unreal learns a little something about love and basketball

Typically, the concept of basketball played in a cavernous domed stadium is downright icky, but the Ed proved to be a surprising exception to the rule. The palatial edifice has always felt a little too plush for football, a sport that looks most at home in a Lake Erie sleet storm with a ten-below wind chill. Hoops felt about right -- although one could argue that a spectator's butt would be better planted at a local watering hole avecpints of Schlafly and a fatty Reuben, rather than stuffed into a plastic-backed binocular perch at the Ed.

On Sunday, when Georgia Tech's brawny squad emerged victorious in a thrilling overtime victory over Kansas, it was déjà vu all over again for Jayhawks faithful. Unreal can only assume that only after every recruit with a connection to former coach Roy "Big Game Blunder" Williams has matriculated will the curse finally be lifted. A trip to the Final Four in San Antonio this year merely would have added insult to agony, the college basketball equivalent of the Cubs in October.

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