Bring the Pain

You know what pisses you off? Sure you do!


The crowds are finally roiling in Club Buca, where I scribble madly, trying to capture a perfect moment: People are getting down all over. Next to a dude dancing like his left arm is itching rhythmically and he has to scratch it, a couple slow-dances up against a pillar. The girl, in a pink half-shirt, is clinging to her beau like she's either in true love or the depths of a serious drunk. The guy is propping her up, moving to the music with his chin wedged into the crook of her neck. They're dancing like lovers at the prom. They aren't listening to "Endless Love," however. The song is Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz' "Get Low," and Lil Jon is bellowing over and over again about "the sweat run down my balls." Isn't it romantic?

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