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Graffiti Global Grill is as bright and appealing as a brand-new box of Crayolas

Forty bottles compose the wine list. You've got your chardonnays (five) and merlots (four), of course, but also more offbeat selections under the "unique" categories, such as the multilayered Sokol Blosser Evolution white blend from Oregon ($7.50 for a glass, $33 for a bottle), and the mellow red Toscana Centine from Castello Banfi, blended from sangiovese, cabernet and merlot grapes ($5.50 and $22). All told, bottles go from $19 to $50 -- a customer-friendly range, though no bargains stand out on the roster. Sixteen selections are available by the glass and run between $5.50 and $7.95. Wyatt aims to feature boutique wineries. "We like to keep the wine list fresh, fun and changing," he says.

Worldly good: Grafitti Global Grill tags taste buds in the 
Central West End.
Jennifer Silverberg
Worldly good: Grafitti Global Grill tags taste buds in the Central West End.


Sesame seared tuna sushi tacos $6.95
Coconut curried chicken $16.95
Pan roasted ribeye steak $18.95
Tuscan seared sea bass $17.95
King salmon grilled in corn husk $16.95

314-361-1701. Hours: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Mon.-Sat.; 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (brunch served till 3 p.m.) Sun.

313 N. Euclid Avenue

Of the five desserts offered, three are made in-house. None really live up to the restaurant's moniker (which conjures up images of Basquiat coupled with food so fused that the servers need a course in multiculturalism). A plump, house-made caramelized apple empanada didn't disappoint, but a side of vanilla ice cream stood in for the advertised cinnamon, and that was a drag. The other house-made desserts: bread pudding made with bourbon and dried fruit, and vanilla crème brûlée (too dense). The out-sourced cheesecake was fine, if ordinary, while the triple-chocolate cake with crème anglaise proved more tempting on paper than on the plate -- it was too dry, and the disk of decorative chocolate served alongside was as tasteless as one of those crayons, from the box of eight, no sharpener on the back.

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