I Love a Parade

Radar Station hitches a ride with great big rappers

"It's time to put up a united front as a music community. Every rocker's got that copy of American Beauty stashed in their underwear drawer next to that tie-dye bandana their mom thought would be a 'cool gift,' and most dread-heads have some kinda Ramones compilation or the first Danzig album covered in candle wax or resin stains. Come out of your caves and mingle: Pomade doesn't stain too bad, and patchouli smells okay without the B.O.

"So hippies, don't be afraid to talk to that skinny kid with a vintage Aerosmith shirt under that gas station jacket, and rockers, odds are that there is a beautiful girl under all those dreads. So let's light up and all get along."

Illegal drugs: Can they save our scene? Moynihan seems to think so. Kids, you heard the man. Toke up and make up.

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