Week of May 26, 2004

As far as Cobain's suicide is concerned, he comes from a family tree where suicide is not uncommon. If the rock-star industry never came along to sound his death knell, I'm sure some other industry would have. He apparently was a self-treated manic-depressive. Of all the things he was, the one thing he wasn't was a victim. No one gains that much notoriety without looking for it.
Steve Maliszewski
St. Louis

Kurt appraisal: We were hoping it was Beck? I think most of us would hope that it would be some hack journalist who obviously has little regard for human life.
Tim Maples
St. Charles

Schools Daze
Bills, Bills, Bills: This response is in regard to the article entitled "Bill's Bills" [Geri L. Dreiling and Shelley Smithson, January 21]. I am a teacher for the St. Louis Public Schools, and I am just disgusted about the changes that Bill Roberti has done to our district. He doesn't seem to care that he is eliminating jobs. What does he care -- he's making big bucks and will get paid regardless of who he lets go. He is overcrowding our schools, which is causing more chaos and less learning to take place.

Roberti states that Bill Haas' statements caused him to "[suffer] public ridicule, personal humiliation and loss of reputation, public confidence, respect, and professional standing within the community." Also that he "may lose business contacts and opportunities due to the cloud placed upon his reputation." That is total b.s. He was being ridiculed by the public the minute he walked in the door, and he lost all respect from the majority of the employees in the district once he started tearing our district apart. He can afford to lose business contacts with as much money as he is making: $600 an hour. That is a disgrace. They need to take the money he is being paid and give the teachers a raise. Not many will work for the city district because of the low pay and the horrible working conditions. Personally, Mr. Roberti needs to take his arrogant ass back to New York and leave us alone here in St. Louis. He has done nothing for this district but brought down the morale. I talked to the man on the phone, personally, and he is nothing but an ass. He had no answers for me. The only thing he could do was to tell me that "I am not making friends by throwing irate e-mails in my boss' face."

I am not trying to be his friend nor do I want to be his friend. He is nobody to me as far as I am concerned. I support Bill Haas and Rochell Moore 100 percent. They need to ask pertinent questions about how the money is being spent and how buildings are being sold in the district. As far as Amy Hilgemann goes, she needs to take her ignorant ass somewhere else as well. I had the utmost respect for her when she first started on the board but now she is just like the rest of Slay's raiders. They don't give a shit about anyone who is working in the trenches of this downtrodden district, nor does Roberti. He is just worried about collecting his paycheck!

I could go on for days, so I'd better stop now.
Name withheld by request
St. Louis

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