This Is Your Brain on Meth

Unreal catches up with a crystal-meth cooker gone straight, chats with an Andrew W.K.-endorsed candidate and gets local businesses' take on gay marriage; plus we totally freak out about West Nile, and Bill Haas offers something for the ladies

"We pay a lot more attention to it because it's mosquito-borne -- people get worried because they get bit all the time and you can't do anything about it," Diamond says. "We see mosquitoes and we just don't know if that's the mosquito that has it or doesn't have it."

Serena Altschul
CBS News
Serena Altschul
Corey Mohn: the hardest-partying candidate?
Corey Mohn: the hardest-partying candidate?

By all means, drain the birdbath. But while you're up there cleaning the gutters, keep in mind that you're far more likely to fall off that ladder than to contract the dreaded West Nile.

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