Love Stinks

The best foul-mouthed breakup songs of all time

The Kiss-Off: "Fuck you, Lucy, for defining my existence/Fuck you and your differences."

The Song: "I Kill Everything I Fuck" by G.G. Allin (1993)

"Watch out for those ho's on the road!": Eamon
"Watch out for those ho's on the road!": Eamon

The Story: This isn't really a breakup song, as that would imply that filth-loving hardcore legend G.G. Allin had the ability to care about another human being. Still, it didn't seem quite right to assemble this list without paying a tribute of sorts to this genuinely angry, often miserable and always X-rated artist.

The Kiss-Off: "Before I die, I hope I do/Kill many more, as I've killed you."

The Song: "Fuck You Right Back" by Frankie (2004)

The Story: An answer record in the grand hip-hop tradition, this song -- which purports to be by Eamon's ex-girlfriend -- is so tacky, you can't help but love it.

The Kiss-Off: "I had to do your friend/Now you want me to come back/You must be smokin' crack."

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