Damn Tall

Unreal chats with some lovely ladies and gets the scoop from Jay Farrar-endorsed candidate Mark Smith (who's perfectly lovely too); plus, Bill Haas gets a love letter and Unreal heads to court

I think it means vote for Mark Smith. It's pretty clear. You've got to read between the lines, though.

So, is it true that you used to date both candidates for Secretary of State -- Catherine Hanaway and Robin Carnahan?

Let's not talk about that, please. Throw me a bone here, man.

Leann Tweeden
Leann Tweeden
Bethany Boogerd
Bethany Boogerd

Okay then. Who do you think is better looking?

I'm not getting into that, either. That's a bad question to ask me.

Let's get into the hypothetical, then. If you were married to Robin Carnahan...

No -- I'm married, so I can't do any hypothetical. You're going to get me in trouble. This is more important than politics; this is my marriage and my wife, and I'm very happily married.

If you do not win your party's nomination, do you promise not to go on a berserk rampage, gunning down the residents of the city and defecating in the streets?

I'm against concealed carry, so the first part is easy. And as far as the second part, I think I can go along with that too.

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