Rebel Yell

The bold history of David Allan Coe; plus, we talk with the Walkmen and compare Lunatic spending

Bankruptcy in 1990 almost broke Coe, as rights to all his songs were sold off and federal agents interrupted a concert in Knoxville, storming the stage and taking the guitar right out of his hands, as well his diamond rings, the cash out of his pocket and his belt buckle. But this "Longhair Redneck" is nothing if not resilient, and he's pushed on, building a new base of young fans while touring with Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker and Hank Williams III. Time has certainly changed Coe, and he's more reserved than in his biking, hell-raising, polygamist (yep!) days, but the legend follows him, sometimes haunting him, forever intertwined with the music in his down-home, outlaw heart. -- Chris Parker

Spending Like Lunatics

Who is watching the Walkmen?
Who is watching the Walkmen?
Well, David Allan Coe thinks you're creepy, too.
Well, David Allan Coe thinks you're creepy, too.


Monday, August 2
Blueberry Hill's Duck Room

You've probably heard that Nelly bought a share in the Charlotte Bobcats, an NBA-expansion franchise, and last week we told you about Murphy Lee's new restaurant (see Chad Garrison's July 21 feature, "Star Flack," for more). Both the most famous of the St. Lunatics and the second-most famous of the St. Lunatics have been blessed with investments that will surely pay dividends for years to come. But not all investments are created equal. A quick comparison of the two joints. -- Ben Westhoff

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