The Absurd Third

Last-minute campaign shenanigans mark the final days in the race to replace Dick

Though he's raised more than any of the other candidates (more than $525,000), according to the second-quarter filing with the Federal Election Commission in June, in the final electoral sprint to the finish line, Carnahan has less cash on hand ($36,000) than rival Jeff Smith.

As of press time, Carnahan and Washington University associate dean Mark Smith were the only two campaigns to air television ads (the latter's campaign got a late boost by winning the Post-Dispatch's endorsement). Other campaigns said that they would use more targeted techniques to reach voters. Jeff Smith was focusing on mailings; Barry's campaign said she would be door-belling. Stoll, meanwhile, plans to continue raising money into the final days.

Failed Democratic presidential candidates also seem to be finding their way into the fray. While Stoll touted his endorsement from Bill Bradley and Jeff Smith played up his from Howard Dean, Mohn was trying to get Dennis Kucinich to come to town on his behalf. (Other unlikely celebrity endorsements and financial contributors to the campaigns over the past few months have been documented in this paper's Unreal column.)

Dan Zettwoch

As strange as the campaign has been, it could have been stranger. "It actually seems pretty calm compared to the Senate race in Illinois," notes Handlin.

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