Rat Times at Richmond Heights

Has the MetroLink expansion unearthed a rodent invasion?

Prompted by continued complaints along Bryan Avenue, the city of Richmond Heights and Vector Control recently distributed copies of a pamphlet entitled "Control of Rats and Mice," a veritable idiot's guide to rodent removal, including such advice as "Starve Them!" "Trap Them!" "Poison Them!"

But according to DuBois, no explanation was offered as to why the pamphlets were passed out or why rats were loitering on neighbors' doorsteps. DuBois maintains that the powers that be have done nothing more than dance around the issue while the rats continue to waltz into Richmond Heights.

Doug MacDonald

"I can see why people wouldn't want to talk about it," she says. "I mean, it's disgusting -- sort of like admitting you have head lice. But if no one is willing to take responsibility for the rats, they'll never go away."

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