Sounds Around Town

Week of August 18, 2004

 Adapters: That One Place, Fri.

AJ SR: Brandt's, Wed.

Willie Akins: Spruill's, Sat.

Scott Alberici & Rick Haydon: Crossings Taverne & Grille, Fri.

Tim Albert: Hammerstone's, Mon.

Alexis: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Fri.

Ali & Emily: Llywelyn's Pub-Webster Groves, Thu.; Llywelyn's Pub-CWE, Fri.; Llywelyn's Pub-West Port, Sat.

Duane Allman Tribute: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Sat.

Jun Arzaga: Faust's, nightly

Astroboy: Kastle, Sat.

Atomics: George's Route 66, Sat.

Authority Zero: Creepy Crawl, Thu.

Randy Bahr Duo: Farotto's Italian Restaurant, Wed. and Fri.

Baker-McClaren Band: Morganford Blues Bar, Thu.

Balseen Timer: Studio Café, Fri.

Billy Barnett: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Tue.

Terry Beck: Espino's, Fri.

Jim Becker: LoRusso's Cucina, Thu.-Sat.

Bejeezus: Frederick's Music Lounge, Wed.

Ben Wah Bob: Rusty's, Fri.

Beno & Tom: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Benoit/Freeman Project: Pageant, Sat.

Chuck Berry: Blueberry Hill, Wed.

Mark Biehl: Borders Books & Music-Brentwood, Sat.

Big Bamou: Broadway Oyster Bar, Tue.

Big Daddy Rob: Baha Rock Club, Wed.

Dave Black: Lagniappe's, Tue.

Boogie Chyld: Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar, Wed.-Sun.

Boom: Fast Eddie's Bon-Air, Fri. and Sat.

Border Line: Wild Country, Fri. and Sat.

Bosch & Victoria: Brandt's, Tue.

Bottle Rockets: Gateway Arch Stage, Thu.

Bottoms Up Blues: Riddle's Penultimate Café & Wine Bar, Fri.; Shanti, Sat.

Rob Boyle: Jimmy's Café on the Park, Fri.

Brendan Bradley: Off Broadway, Thu.

Breaking English: Soulard Ale House, Sat.

Brides: Hi-Pointe, Wed.

Gary Brokaw: Rumple's Pub, Thu.

Broken Shadow: Pop's, Sun.

Brooklyn Deadwood: Cicero's, Sun.

Erik Brooks: Hammerstone's, Sun.

Jonathan Brown: Roberto's Trattoria, Wed.; Jimmy's Café on the Park, Sat.

Mike Buehrle: Oz, Fri. and Sat.

Buffalo Bob & Friends Jam: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Sun.

Buffalo Bob & the Bedroom Blues: KC's Bar, Sat.; Cocktails, Sun.

Bumpin' Uglies: Pop's, Thu.; Syberg's Westport, Sat.

Mary Burns: K.T.'s Sports Bar & Restaurant-North County, Sat.

C-Beyond: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sat.

Tony Campanella Band: 1860's Hard Shell Café & Bar, Sat.

Carousel: Joe Boccardi's Ristorante, Fri. and Sat.

Monica Casey: Schlafly Bottleworks, Sat.

Frankie Catalina: Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar, Wed.

Chamber Jazz: Lynch St. Bistro, Sat.

Charlie Chan & Smitty: Velvet, Sat.

Peggy Chappell: Jacques Sports Bar, Wed.

Charlie B. Group: Jimmy's Café on the Park, Wed.

Chike & Mel: African Palace, Sat.

Cindy & Greg: Marty's Bistro, Thu. and Tue.

The Clarks: Blueberry Hill, Fri.

Linda Coil: Borders Books & Music-St. Peters, Sat.

Stacey Collins Band: Syberg's Westport, Wed.; Dorsett Inn, Thu.; George's Route 66, Fri.

Billy Coma: Off Broadway, Fri.

Contors: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Fri.

Corey Anderson, Flip Lynch, Tolga/Cory Thomas, Mike D & Brandon B: Upstairs Lounge, Wed.

Country Dance: The Phoenix, Wed.

Sarah Cox: Velvet, Thu. and Fri.

Pierce Crask: Laclede Street Bar & Grill, Sun.

Crossroads: Baha Rock Club, Fri.

Cumberland Gap: Schlafly Bottleworks, Fri.; Laurie's Place, Sat.; Boathouse, Sun.

Brian Curran: Broadway Oyster Bar, Wed. and Sat.

Nick Curran & the Nitelifes: Beale on Broadway, Sat.

Dad's Gone Mad: Riverside Restaurant & Bar, Fri. and Sat.

Mary Daly & Beno: Ernie's Sports Bar & Grill, Wed.

Darude: Kastle, Fri.

Dave & Greg Show: Maryland Yards at the Waterworks, Thu.; Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Fri.

Dave's Not Here: K.T.'s Sports Bar & Restaurant-O'Fallon, Fri.

Amy & Jerry Davison: Brewhouse, Wed., Sat. and Mon.

Taylor Dayne: Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar, Fri. and Sat.

Deep Six: Syberg's Westport, Thu.

Dillinger Escape Plan: Pop's, Sat.

Dirty Dan: Rue 13, Tue.

Dizzy Atmospheres: Crossings Taverne & Grille, Sat.

Dr. Robby G.: M.P. O'Reilly's, Thu.-Sat.

Dr. Zhivegas: Harry's Restaurant & Bar, Sat.

Arthur Dodge & the Horsefeathers: Frederick's Music Lounge, Fri.

Doom: Main Street Jazz & Blues, Wed.

Earthsol: Cicero's, Thu.

Eat A Peach: Cleo's, Wed.

Eightyfourglyde: Mangia Italiano, Wed.

Entropy: Way Out Club, Wed.

Erik, Matt, Adam: Upstairs Lounge, Mon.

Esoteric: Pop's, Thu.

Espi: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Thu.

Marty Evans: Rue 13, Fri.

Extremely Pointless: Helen Fitzgerald's, Fri.

F.E.A.R.: K.T.'s Sports Bar & Restaurant-North County, Fri.

Fairchild: Hammerstone's, Sat.

Falling Martins: Studio Café, Sat.

Fanfare: Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar, Thu.; Loading Dock Restaurant & Bar, Sat.

John Farrar: Main Street Jazz & Blues, Thu.

5th Element & 13 Days: Pop's, Sat.

Michael Fitzgerald: Churchill's, Sat.

Five Long Years: Mike & Min's Restaurant, Fri.

Flextacy: Harry's West, Fri.

Fluid Drive: Boathouse, Fri.; C.J. Muggs, Sat.

Tom Flynn: Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar, Fri.

Linda Ford: Caleco's, Fri and Tue.

Johnny Fox: Great Grizzly Bear, Thu.; City Museum, Sat.

Eddie Fritz Trio: Chestnut's, Sun.

Fuglees: Way Out Club, Fri.

Fuglees & Maxtone Four: Lil' Nikki's Grill & Chill, Sat.

Gabe & Dino: Mangia Italiano, Sun.; Lemmons, Tue.

Barbara Gabriella: Tenderloin Room, Thu.-Sat.

Galaxy: Ameristar Casino/Cabaret, Wed.-Mon.

Clinton Gallagher: Seventh Inn Lounge, Wed., Fri. and Sat.

Jesse Gannon & Ben Wheeler: Brandt's, Thu.

Garaj Mahal & Anchondo: Mississippi Nights, Fri.

Gargoyle Lounge: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Wed.; Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Mon.; Helen Fitzgerald's, Tue.

Gargoyle Reign: Helen Fitzgerald's, Thu.

Rob Garland & the Blue Monks: Brick Bistro, Fri.

Gasoline Alley: Mangia Italiano, Thu.

The Good Griefs: Mangia Italiano, Sat.

Mark Gordon: Shanti, Fri.; Valley Bistro Café, Sat.

Mike Gow: Miso, Thu.

Guitars & Saxes: Pageant, Sun.

Gumbohead: Broadway Oyster Bar, Sat.

Tom Hall: Shanti, Wed.

Harmony: Harry's West, Sat.

Heart: Family Arena, Thu.

John Herrington & Finsta: Hi-Pointe, Mon.

Hip Check: Fairmount Park, Thu.; A.J.'s, Fri.

Hip Grease & Madahoochi: Lil' Nikki's Grill & Chill, Fri.

Hip-Hop Spin: Upstairs Lounge, Thu.

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