Week of September 1, 2004

Sin No More
A cheap shot: Malcolm Gay's "Immaculate Deception" [August 25] reveals that the author cares less about the welfare of the victims of sexual abuse, but rather aims to promote his own agenda by unjustly attacking the actions and character of the Archbishop of St. Louis. Mr. Gay would serve his journalistic integrity better if he clearly stated and defended his position on contraception, abortion, euthanasia, for example, rather than taking cheap shots at those he regards as being on the "ecclesiastical fast track."

The current incumbent of the See of St. Louis is clearly a man of faith, conviction and moral principle. I personally disagree with the Archbishop on many issues, but what he says challenges the liberal status quo. As such, my suggestion must be that the issues themselves be debated, and that the use of the victims of sexual abuse as pawns in such debates remains a scandal.
Patrick J. O'Rourke
St. Louis

Good riddance to the disgruntled: In "Bishop Takes Queen," his sidebar to "Immaculate Deception," Malcolm Gay focuses more on Archbishop Raymond Burke than on Sister Julie Green. What is his point? How does Sister Green's supposed operation reflect negatively upon Archbishop Burke? I thought reporters were supposed to report the news and leave personal opinions out of it; clearly this writer has an agenda. Perhaps you are hard up for good, objective writers in St. Louis.

In regard to "Immaculate Deception," I found, as a former religious education director for a small parish in the La Crosse Diocese, then-Bishop Burke to be a sincere, authentic and prayerful man, even holy. It seems you have chosen to interview some disgruntled, renegade priests who weren't doing what they were ordained to do anyway. I say good riddance to those who won't obey the Magisterium.

Finally, the titles of the articles are clearly designed to stimulate readership but are crass. Where is the truth in reporting? I feel that this reporter is not interested in getting at the truth, but only to further his own views.

Archbishop Burke is a heroically courageous man. There are many of us in his former diocese that were sad to seem him go. St. Louis is blessed to have him as their shepherd.
Monica Kolars
River Falls, Wisconsin

Pet Peeved
Bad Unreal: Shame on you! As a volunteer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis and as an animal lover in general, I feel sorry that you have misinterpreted such a good deed on the behalf of Randy Grim and all others involved [Unreal, "Doggie Style," August 25]. When is the last time you searched the city streets with the hopes of saving a dog that would otherwise have no chance of survival if left alone? When is the last time you placed yourself in a volunteer situation with the goal being to help someone other than yourself?

Each week I look forward to stopping off at the Stray Rescue shelter to care for the many dogs that I at times consider my own. Until you look into the eyes of a dog that has come close to knocking on death's door and realize the love and potential each and every one of those wonderful animals possess, or until you reach out to comfort a dog who is scared because they have been thrown into an unfamiliar environment or until you feel a dog lean into you because all they really want is some human attention and a little love, don't feel you have the right to bash anyone for doing the "right thing."

There should be more people like Randy Grim, and like all my fellow volunteers with Stray Rescue and other similar organizations. Since when is it a crime to stop thinking we humans are the superior species? And when has it become a crime to care about the rights of other species, especially one so loyal as the domestic dog?
Sally Bobbitt Simpson
St. Louis

Bad, bad Unreal: I just read "Doggie Style." What was the point of this article? What were you trying to accomplish? Your personal attack on Randy Grim was totally uncalled for. Your comments were ridiculous and senseless, much like your magazine. Now I know why it's free. Who would pay to read such crap? I will never stoop so low as to read your rag again. To others that do: "Un-f***ing-real."
Marianne Junger

How'd you like to get neutered, huh, Unreal? Unreal is the one who is "Un-fucking-real," as he obviously fails to grasp the concept Randy Grim fought so hard for the city of St. Louis to recognize. Changing the terminology of the city's ordinances to include "pet guardians" simply reflects the feelings of any compassionate person. Our pets are members of our families, and as such deserve to be recognized as more than just property.

Does Unreal think it's "Un-fucking-real" that parents do not own their children, or that husbands do not own their wives? Perhaps he should take a look at the connection between those who abuse animals and the crimes they ultimately commit towards humans.

I applaud Mr. Grim and St. Louis for taking a step in the right direction in protecting both animals and people.
Polly Hampton

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