Week of September 8, 2004

I encourage you to seek psychiatric assistance. Living with this much hate can't be healthy.
Heather Cook
Spokane Valley, Washington

Somebody please help Seely: I don't understand why your article on Paul McCartney is so filled with hate and loathing. This is a man I've loved most of my life and looked up to. He has more talent in his little finger than most every other rock star has in all! John Lennon, whom I also love, considered it a privilege and an honor to work with Paul, as he should have.

Why you hate Paul so much is unknown, but what is clear is that he's not the one with the problem. You are. I hope you get help. You obviously need it!
Rachel Case
Lynchburg, Virginia

Incoming Parrothead: Buffett rocks. Greatest of all time. You suck. You are now destined to be the most hated man in the press. Way to go.
Adam Call
Manhattan, Kansas

In defense of Elton: I know that your "Ten Most Hated" article was probably done more for humor and entertainment and this info that I'm sharing is of no great importance. But, according to Elton John, he did not start doing drugs until after most of his adventurous music was finished in 1976. John Lennon had also mentioned this in an interview about Elton saying that "he drinks a lot but won't try anything else." Then while recording Rock of the Westies, members of the Beach Boys and the Eagles turned him on to cocaine.

That's all. I have never met the man and it could be that everyone interviewed about him lied through their teeth. I guess I wish that there were at least a few artists that did not think they had to use drugs to be creative. It's cheating anyway. It is sort of like not having enough of your own magic within or not being insane enough to be a musician in the first place. So you have to get out the paint-by-numbers drug kit and hope that by using it you will finally become creative. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing for you, but if Miles had not stopped shooting heroin there would have never been jazz fusion, Bitches Brew, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra or Return to Forever, etc. He would still be playing "Porgy and Bess" for white people. And if Bowie kept doing cocaine, he would have just put out more disco records with David Sanborn and Luther Vandross and never would have taken Iggy with him to record with Eno in Berlin.

Anyway, I am not trying to be stupid or start something negative with you. Lately, though, I find myself getting into a lot of arguments with musicians about drugs. Where they don't think there's anything wrong with getting so fucked up that they cannot play the songs on stage. Or they miss rehearsals because they got stoned and fell asleep on the couch. Maybe you think that I need to chill out and do some drugs so I would stop arguing with people. Have a fun week.
Tory Z Starbuck
St. Louis

Long live Goo Goo Dolls! I think you are very wrong placing John Rzeznik on your "Most Hated Men in Rock" list. The Goo Goo Dolls are a phenomenal band, playing in front of thousands and thousands of fans, and selling lots of records! Did I mention they are even Grammy nominees? And how many times have they gone platinum? Not to mention the fact that they have a huge loyal fan base; most established writers know this, and top radio personnel know how large and strong the Goo Goo Dolls' fan following is!

I am writing you to let you know, there is no point in having Mr. Rzeznik or the Dolls on the list. Not that your opinion really matters; just wanted to enlighten you. Some songs I suggest you listen to: "Fallen Down," "Truth Is a Whisper," "All Eyes on Me," "Dizzy," "Already There," "Big Machine," "What a Scene."
Reanna Fugeman
Ashland, Kentucky

Weir you get off? Hey, asshat. Thanks for creating a terrible piece of work. Bob Weir, Carlos Santana (the day after Latin Grammys) -- get a life, man. Bob Weir plays over 1,260 songs in any given year and you give him shit for a TelePrompTer! You can't even remember what you had for dinner. And since I've seen the subpar bar band many times, I will look for his TelePrompTer next time, which is probably only brought out once in a while, like on [a] Dead tour.

You suck as a writer and can't find something better to do than shit on someone's headstone. Get a life!
Mark Hart
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The danger zone: Find a new career, something outside of the business of writing. You must have been really bored, or reaching when you wrote this. I don't know how long you have been at this, but from this article, I would guess too long.

FYI, Kenny Loggins is one of music's purest artists. True to his self, his fans, he has something called integrity. His career has spanned over 30 years regardless of people like yourself living inside the box. Like the record companies, I could not even begin to understand your thinking, nor would I want to. Music has become nothing but politics; you should have written an article on that. Radio stations do not represent what listeners want to hear, only what the big record companies preach. Furthermore, I think writers such as yourself should do more research before you write such ignorant rantings.

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