Look! A Freeway!

Unreal checks out the Lou from a fast-moving tour bus, learns the essentials of RV'ing and eats waaay too many Chilitos

But guess what! St. Louis is a Chili Cheese mecca! After locating six area Taco Bells that carry the burrito, Unreal wasn't feeling so well and called off our search on account of heartburn.

Gomez, meanwhile, says ChiliCheese.org has garnered about 5,000 signatures from supporters, along with about $300 -- mostly donated in increments of $1.29, the typical price of a Chili Cheese Burrito. When he hits 100,000 signatures, Gomez vows to pass along the petition to the honchos at Taco Bell.

Schalow doesn't care. "We have about 50 million customers a week at our 7,000 restaurants worldwide," she says wearily. "Unfortunately, sometimes we have to remove some of the lower-selling items to make room for newer items."

Lonely at the top: an Unreal view of St. Louis
Jennifer Silverberg
Lonely at the top: an Unreal view of St. Louis
Save the endangered Chilito!
Jennifer Silverberg
Save the endangered Chilito!

Still, Gomez isn't giving up. But he is working on a new cause: persuading McDonald's to make the McRib sandwich, now available only seasonally, a year-round menu item. He's already registered www.McRib.org and has a slogan: "We've been McRobbed!"

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