Bowling for Press

Bands roll a few for props, plus we talk to the couple/duo Bagheera

Ted, how is this a different outlet for you from what you've been doing in the past, playing drums for MU330?

Ted Moll: Playing live and playing with MU330, it's all about the energy and all about the interaction with the crowd. It's a more communal type of aspect. With Bagheera, it's much more personal. Because of the way it started, it wasn't meant for anyone to listen to but us; it was just something that we did. It was a private thing we had and we shared it with some friends and it expanded from that. This is a lot different. With Bagheera, it's definitely more on the intimacy of listening to stuff. It's meant to be listened to with headphones. There's no real conflict [between MU330 and Bagheera] in that sense, because they are two totally different ways that I appreciate music.

How does the songwriting process work? Do you have different concerns as songwriters?

We are the champions: The Floating City
Jennifer Silverberg
We are the champions: The Floating City
Ted and Heather are Bagheera.
Ted and Heather are Bagheera.

Heather Dallape: It's changing now. Most of the songs I was writing were going to Climber, so most of the songs on the first album were all Ted, and then I'd come in and write for some of them and I wrote basslines on all of them, or I'd come and mess with what he'd already done. Whereas now, we're actually sitting down together and writing a song.

Ted Moll: Now we are starting from scratch together, and I'm actually a lot more excited about the newer stuff. It meshes the best aspects of both of our songwriting [styles]. ó Christian Schaeffer

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