Week of September 15, 2004

Love to Hate You Baby
Inspiring burned-out social workers everywhere: What a riot! I absolutely loved Mike Seely's clever and witty and very (to me) true piece ["The Ten Most Hated Men in Rock," September 1]. As a longtime Deadhead, who first saw the real band (with Pigpen) in the Panhandle in 1966, I so appreciate Seely's kind and wise words about Jerry. As for Bobby, well....

Mike, you're an excellent writer! Thanks for the fun and funny article. It made this almost-burned-out social worker's day!
Stephanie Mardahl
Seattle, Washington

Balls R Us: Hey Mike, just wanted to let you know that I totally dug your article. I am glad to see someone in the press has some balls. Owning an independent record label, I have grown weary of many musicians and what does and does not get attention. Seeing the likes of that phony Chris Carrabba made me smile massive -- so good work on this one.
Jason Foster
Baltimore, Maryland

We're also high in protein and low in carbohydrates! I loved your list of the ten most hated men in rock. Props to you for having the guts to say what everyone is thinking. It's great to finally read something so honest, funny and refreshing.
Naomi Allen
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Faint praise? The article on the ten most hated men in rock was possibly the best piece of critical journalism I have ever read.
Ted Hesson
New York, New York

Damn, we forgot Bono! I loved your article, and I just wanted to say how glad I was to not see one name on your list: Bono.

I love U2 and get tired of hearing people crap on Bono when they are so far from sellouts, and really the only great major rock band left.
John Hawbaker
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Um, no: I actually thought that was a very well-written and funny article. You backed up your assertions well, even if I didn't agree with some of them.

Does Sting get any credit for his environmental work?
Rob Turner
Decatur, Georgia

Jess kisses up: God, where do I begin? Do you recall several years back when Columbia put out Santana's Greatest Hits? I listened to that CD and ended up editing out the ten tracks I like and junked the m.o.r. filler the public ate up. I love Carlos -- don't get me wrong -- but you were spot-on with the scathing review of that dreck Shaman. Then I listen to the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, show from June 22, 2004, that's been passed around -- and he's great. Go figure.

Rod Stewart will always be a hack; his best years were with Jeff Beck because it was Jeff Beck. Take away the hair and he's just another Phil Collins (another hack too). Jackson Browne, as well-intentioned and well-meaning as he is, drones on with endless tripe that rarely moves me. Kid Rock is banging Pamela Lee, so he can't be that big a dip unless she is too. Hmmm....

If you have any openings for reviews 'n' such, let me know.
Jess Mayers
San Clemente, California

Dave agrees to disagree: Dude! How hysterical! A couple of comments, though.

1) McCartney: As the world's most disappointed fan, I like what you said. However, the Beatles were very significant for their time -- sort of a right place/right time gig. McCartney tamed Lennon and Lennon tamed McCartney. Neither had anything really astonishing after they blew their load in the '65-'69 era, although you could put together an album of worthwhile stuff of their post-Beatle music. I do think McCartney was kick-ass on Ram, some of Wildlife and parts of Band on the Run, but I agree he is a shadow of his former self, and I stopped buying his drivel after Pipes of Peace. I disagree about the wife thing. I admired his and Linda's love affair (my wife, who is clueless in modern music, even had a very sad reaction when Linda died) very much, but I also understand Paul is someone who needs a strong woman around. It didn't offend me when he picked up with Heather not long after Linda's death.

2) G.E. Smith: He irritated me from day one. Good one on that.

3) Rzeznik: I disagree about GGD. I find the melodies of "Name" and "Iris" to be beautiful, and the lyrics are awesome.

Again, great article.
Dave Muzyka
Houston, Texas

Tom holds fast to the Beatles: Very well written -- and an almost entirely accurate article. No such thing as complete agreement, is there? The Beatles were hardly an overrated boy band, and you know it. I'd be willing to bet that line was included for nothing but outraged refutation.

"Summer of '69," like its cousin, "Born to Run," while sounding anthemic, is actually anemic. Both are performed by pretenders. Once aware of that fact, both songs fall short and are actually nothing less than annoying, reminding one of the mental image of the candy-asses that performed them.
Tom Wright
Holmes Beach, Florida

Buttmunch writer, pedophile editor: Hey, Shit for Brains, I notice you didn't list any Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Who members. That's about the only thing you got right.

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