Week of September 15, 2004

Oh yeah, Seely, you @#@#$%%^&*())&*%^$#, you failed to mention Jimmy Page's venture with P. Diddy/Puff Daddy. Since Clapton isn't supposed to collaborate with an artist like Babyface and Santana shouldn't do anything that doesn't conjure visions of Woodstock -- I guess you forgot about his explorations with Mahavishnu/John Maclaughlin -- didn't that violate your Rock sensibilities? Seely, one day, you'll review what you've written and realize how immature and silly your waste of paper reads.
Raymond L. Moore
St. Louis

Mike Seely, not cool: At what point does a top ten list quit being a top ten list and start becoming an attempt by a writer to make himself look cool by ripping on people who are infinitely more talented at their craft than he can ever hope to be at his? Are we expected to believe that if Mike Seely was offered a job paying $100,000 writing for People magazine he wouldn't jump on it in a heartbeat? Yeah, right.
Steve Maliszewski
St. Louis

Maybe he's amazed: Maybe I'm amazed...at your stupidity, for insulting the greatest songwriter of the twentieth century. Paul McCartney (Sir Paul to you) has championed kindness and love in all his songs, while you sit in front of your computer composing anger and agitation. Paul McCartney has championed animal rights, the fight against land mines and numerous other children's causes throughout Europe. What have you done besides try and make a name for yourself? His lyric are filled with hope, yours with venom and contempt.

McCartney's wealth is measured not in dollars, but in four decades of accumulated smiles and tender words to a world that needs more people like him. Try writing something nice next time. You'll feel better about yourself.
Neal Morrison
St. Louis

Rhetorical flourish: While I agree with much of the opinion (and it is only that) in Mike Seely's article, the writing is rather inconsistent.

The premise of eleven self-appointed "judges" assigning values the rest of us should hold as "truth" is faulty. A faulty premise most often results in conclusions that fail to convince or hold value -- and this article has many.

It also appears that the main reason Mr. Seely gives for the eventual "winners" is that they do not live up to expectations the "panel of experts" thinks they should. It is refreshing to find such integrity. Mr. Seely and his colleagues would never, I am sure, "sell out" in order to make a living. Most likely he would find it an honor to be hated by all whose expectations he has failed to live up to.

The article is neither articulate nor cogent. Perhaps a writing class would help.
Mark Edmunds

Back to Paul: Yes, yes, yes, very funny and mostly accurate, but Mike Seely does the usual thing of lambasting McCartney as being the more indulgent and less intellectual of the Lennon/McCartney duo. That's not to say he isn't worthy of your hate, particularly by the criteria set out at the beginning of the article. But really. Not fit to carry Lennon's roach clip?

Not fit to tie his arm, and make veins bulge in preparation for another fix? Maybe. Lennon was caught dosing more often than McCartney during the Beatles' career -- and any music journalist who isn't aware of that, or chooses to ignore it, is the equivalent of whatever he is accusing McCartney of, and isn't fit to carry a well-informed music journalist's library of books.
Demetrius Romeo
Sydney, New South Wales

Damn, we forgot Mike Love! Ten most hated men in rock? How could you possibly forget Mike Love?

He loves the Maharishi, hated Smile and has almost single-handedly made the Beach Boys into what I call "just another one of those '60s bands with only one or two original members left, who regurgitate their old hits at county fairs and medium-size venues, in front of people who buy their records at Wal-Mart."
Bill Shoemaker
Catawissa, Pennsylvania

R.I.P. Rush: That was Grammy material. Truer words have never been written and needless to say, I was ROFL. Thanks.

It needs to be expanded to the Top 100. As much as I hate to admit it, Rush was always one of my favorites, but Geddy sold out years ago. Shame on them. The old stuff is still great.
Chuck Kadunce
Butler, Pennsylvania

You're welcome! Genius. This is so right on, and so hilarious. Kudos! Great perspective, sense of humor and true understanding of what's goin' on! Thanks!
David Lott
Brooklyn, New York

Finally, a low point in RFT music coverage: Mike Seely's profanity-ridden diatribe, "The Ten Most Hated Men in Rock," is a low point for the RFT's music coverage. Mr. Seely should be ashamed of himself for advocating hatred of anyone (even Fred Durst).

Every person, including myself, believes that certain artists are undeserving of their success. However, it is simply wrong to hate a person just because he makes millions of dollars entertaining other people.
Ron Frandsen
St. Louis

Wrong, wrong and wrong: That's what you came up with? Carlos Santana, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Jimmy Buffett. Beatles, Dead. For a band that's hated, post-Garcia, they sure do seem to sell out shows. I actually saw them this year at another festival, and they are doing pretty good.

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