Watt, Me Worry?

Legendary bassist Mike Watt doesn't care what you think is punk rock

"When I hear it -- and I can't expect other people to know what's in my head -- but when I hear it, it does seem like an allegory for me for being in the middle years," Watt says. "I'm 46, and I hear that even more than sickness."

Middle age?

"Yeah," Watt laughs. "You say middle age, and it's such a bummer to people. Oh my God, pedestrian and worn-out and tired and stuff. But I don't know that middle age is always like that. In my case, well, I don't think I would trade it for the younger days. OK, I'm not as resilient in the body, but I'm not totally enfeebled! I'm probably in better health than in any of my thirties. But you have life experiences! Of course, in your twenties, you know everything so you do lose that...." Watt breaks off in more laughter.

Blueberry Hill's Duck Room

"In a way, middle life is kind of a trippy place. I have to say, I never, ever thought of it. When I was young, I thought of old -- and 'don't wanna be that!' -- but never thought of the middle. And then on top of that, middle-aged punk rocker!? I mean, what the fuck is that? That's a bizarre vocation. But you know what? It's OK. It's really OK."

Based solely on the evidence of The Secondman's Middle Stand, it's more than OK. It's the best Watt's ever been.

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