The Son Also Rises

Jay Farrar's band is reborn, Nelly sells, and some guys from the 'burbs get signed

Remember Greenwheel? Of course you do! The Adored share Greenwheel's sluggish, post-Creed sound, with large dollops of the Foo Fighters apparent in their peppier numbers.

Sure, this kind of music isn't really selling like it used to, but you never know. Even though crunk is the hot hip-hop of the moment, Nelly is still doing all right. So surely Columbia knows what it's doing. Check out these deep lyrics from "Useless": "I've never seen you from this place/And it hurts a little/I feel like you vanished with no trace/And it burns a little."

Yep, Columbia knows what it's doing. (You can sample the Adored at

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