Keep It Real

We pitch a hard-rockin' reality show, talk Jesus with an ex-Card and have a little tiff about Brian Wilson

The Riverfront Times: You live in Indiana. Are you familiar with the St. Louis interpretation of the term "hoosier"?

Kent Bottenfield: No, I'm not. Do I want to know?

No. What motivated you to scrap the traditional arrangement on "Amazing Grace?"

Kent Bottenfield turns his lonely eyes to contemporary Christian music.
Kent Bottenfield turns his lonely eyes to contemporary Christian music.

It's a great song, but you sing it so many times that you can go through the motions. Having a new arrangement makes you listen to the words and brings the message out. I understand some people don't like it, but there's a reason behind it.

Your record label, IBB, stands for Intentional Base on Balls, because, as you say, "We all need to have an intentional walk." Does this rule apply to Barry Bonds, who has had more than his share of intentional walks in the 21st century?

It's really a call to Christians, and I don't know where Barry is on that subject.

Do you feel that Christian-rock icon Michael W. Smith should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland?

Wow. It just depends on how people view it. For his genre, he's probably the top and has brought it to where it is today. So, in that sense, yes. But he obviously doesn't reach the heights of the Rolling Stones in terms of popularity and sales.

If the Cardinals fail to win their first World Series in 22 years, will it be because it is God's will and that He has a plan that will yield greater good for Cardinal Nation than a ticker-tape parade?

I don't view it that way, and I never viewed it that way when I was on the field. The only thing God is concerned about is how an individual handles himself. If they win or not -- I don't believe He even deals with that. He's more concerned with the heart than the actions. -- Mike Seely

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